17 Last-Minute NRA Protest Sign Ideas To Prove Peace Is The Answer

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On July 14 and 15, the Women's March will protest the National Rifle Association, teaming with partners such as Gays Against Guns and Cultures of Dignity. While the NRA, a conservative-backing entity has been a danger to society in the past, recently it's words and actions have gone one step further. The NRA released a video that calls for non-violent, resistance movements to be met with armed violence using an "us versus them" narrative.

Another incident came when Officer Yanez was acquitted for the shooting and killing of Philando Castile in Minnesota. The video of Castile's final moments shows him notifying Yanez that he was carrying a licensed firearm. The NRA, an organization dedicated to protecting and supporting citizen's second amendment rights, has — not once — spoken out defending Castile's rights.

This obvious double standard is unacceptable, as is the NRA's call for violence. What started with Women's March co-president Tamika Mallory writing an open letter asking the NRA to remove the video has formed into two days of protests and marching. Instead of the NRA listening to Mallory or simply ignoring her letter, the association released a new video attacking Mallory, as well as other leaders, while spreading the false narrative that Women's March promotes violence.

The march on July 14 and 15 calls for the two videos to be taken down, an apology to the American people for said videos, and a statement from the NRA confirming Castile's right to carry a licensed firearm. To read the Women's March's entire statement for the protests, as well as see the list of partner organizations, click here.

On Friday, marchers will gather at NRA headquarters in Fairfax Virginia. A two hour rally will take place, followed by a 18-mile march into Washington D.C., ending at the Department of Justice. On Saturday, a vigil and rally will occur in front of the Department of Justice.

If you are in the Virginia and D.C. area, this could be an amazing opportunity to get involved, or continue your involvement, in the fight against hatred and violence. Interested in attending? Read on for last-minute sign ideas to bring to the NRA protest.

1Show How Easy Kindness Is

2Say It All

3Quote The Greats

4Remind Them Of The Lives Lost

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5Stand Up For Philando

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6Share Your Feelings

7Ask Important Questions

8Show Them It's Serious

9Hit 'Em With The Facts

10Say It Plain & Simple

11Share An Important Reminder

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12Show Alternatives

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13Explain The Importance Of Justice

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14Show Them How Easy It Is

15Remind Them How Powerful Peace Is

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16Show What Hate Is

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17Keep It Simple & Powerful

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It can feel scary at times to stand up, but every day that we do is one day closer to creating a better world for each of us to live in. If you decide to attend the protests, be safe, speak out, and fight the good fight — peacefully, as always.