18 Things You Need To Buy If You're Obsessed With Girl Scout Cookies


Prepare your pantries and get ready to empty your bank accounts because 2019 Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us. Oh, I’m sorry — did you think you were done eating your weight in cookies now that the holiday season is over? Think again, hun. We eat cookies whenever the Girl Scouts tell us to eat cookies, and that cookie-eating time is now.

This year’s newest addition is a Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie. As its name suggests, this cookie incorporates a combination of “rich caramel, semisweet chocolate chips, and a hint of sea salt in a chewy cookie.” Also, it’s gluten-free. Will Caramel Chocolate Chip be able to stand up to such greats as Thin Mint, Tagalong, and Samoa? Only time and cookie sales will tell.

Until then, you must make your space ready as you await the arrival of your boxes of cookies. Quickly! Posthaste! Get your Girl Scout Cookie shrine in order! You don’t have a Girl Scout Cookie shrine? You fool! We’re not talking about your store brand sandwich cookie. These are THE Girl Scout Cookies. They require fanfare. They deserve your $5-per-box undivided attention.

Here are 18 Girl Scout Cookie-inspired products you can buy with your actual, human money. Peruse at your own risk.



In 2017, General Mills did the world the great, great service of introducing Girl Scout Cookie cereal. previously sold the Thin Mints and Samoa varieties for $4.23 a box. While the limited-edition cereal is no longer available via normal, grocery means, you can buy the Thin Mint cereal on eBay for $5 plus shipping. The Caramel Crunch Samoa-inspired cereal is currently being sold on if you feel like spending $22.54 on a box.



A couple of years ago, Yoplait introduced Girl Scout Cookie yogurt flavors including Yoplait Whips! Thin Mints, Yoplait Whips! Peanut Butter Chocolate, and a Samoa-inspired Caramel Coconut flavor. You can use Yoplait’s product locator to find where you can get your yogurt-cookie fix.


Dunkin’ Coffee

Last year, Dunkin’ launch Girl Scout Cookie-inspired coffee flavors starting with Thin Mints, Coconut Caramel, and Peanut Butter Cookie-flavored varieties. Now, they’ve expanded the collection to include a Trefoil Shortbread-inspired blend. Basically, you can dunk your Girl Scout Cookies in Girl Scout Cookie coffee just as the Girl Scout gods intended.


Coffee Pods

If you aren't near a Dunkin', you could always get your coffee-cookie fix with a Girl Scout Cookie coffee pod. They're currently still available on eBay.


Coffee Creamer

Still looking for a third coffee-centric option? No worries. Stock your fridge with Coffee-mate’s Girl Scout Cookie coffee creamer and turn every cup of coffee into a cup of Girl Scout Cookie coffee.



If you were disappointed to see that Dunkin’s Girl Scout Cookie menu didn’t include donuts, fear not: there are local donut shops doing the donut lord’s work combining Girl Scout Cookie flavors into a donut. Oakhurst, New Jersey’s Broad Street Dough Co. boasted a line of Girl Scout Cookie-inspired flavors in 2017. According to their Instagram, they brought the Samoa flavor back in November 2018. So, a resurgence of the Girl Scout Cookie donuts may be in the future.


Yankee Candles

If having your house smell like Thin Mints year round is your thing, Yankee Candle’s Girl Scout Cookie collection was made for you. While the original collection isn’t currently being sold by Yankee, you can find them second-hand on Amazon, eBay, and Mercari.



Have you ever wanted to dunk your Girl Scout Cookies in Girl Scout Cookie chocolate milk? Nesquik understands and made Thin Mint and Caramel Coconut Nesquik for that purpose exactly.



New York’s Southern Tier Brewing Company created Thick Mint Stout as an alcoholic homage to the classic cookie. Use their product locator to find where Southern Tier is sold near you.


Baking Mixes

In 2016, Pillsbury did right by all of us by introducing Girl Scout Cookie cupcakes baking mixes. You could make blondies, brownies, and cupcakes flavored like some of your favorite Girl Scout Cookies. You can still find a few flavors on eBay.


Ice Cream

Breyer’s has a line of Girl Scout Cookie ice Cream that was previously available at retailers like Target and Walmart. Their Thin Mint flavor is still listed on their product page but worst case scenario: you can just crush up some Thin Mints into a bowl of vanilla ice cream.



GSA heard you liked Girl Scout Cookies. So, their website sells apparel like this “Have One Share One” T-Shirt or this black t-shirt with cookie icons so you can wear your cookies and eat them, too.


Lip Balm

Lip Smackers used to sell Girl Scout Cookie lip balm which should take you right back to the early '00s. If you don't feel like investing in a time machine, you can still get these cookie-flavored lip balms on Amazon and eBay.



Places like Poshmark and Etsy are full of Girl Scout Cookie-inspired jewelry. If you want to go full-out with your Girl Scout Cookie appreciation, these Samoa earrings are a good place to start.


Chewy Bars

Quaker has two different Girl Scout Cookie Chewy Bars: a Thin Mint variety and a Caramel Coconut flavor (aka Samoa). If it's in a bar, that means it's better for you, right? Right?!?



Project 7 released Girl Scout Cookie gum in partnership with GSUSA in both Thin Mint and Caramel Coconut flavors. The product is currently listed as sold on on Project 7's shop, but if you keep your eye on eBay you might be able to still snag some.



In 2015, Bigelow launched Girl Scout Cookie-flavored tea in Thin Mint and Caramel & Coconut. If you want to get all cozy with a drinkable version of a Girl Scout Cookie, you can still find this tea online.


Car Fresheners

While they no longer sell these Yankee Candle-shaped air fresheners in the online Girl Scout Shop, you can try to get a pack of the Thin Mint scent on eBay. And you know what? You should. Live your Girl Scout Cookie truth.