These Were The Top Fashion Searches Of 2019

2019's top fashion searches included oversized sweaters.
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2019 wasn't short of fashion trends. From tiny sunglasses to the resurgence of the biker short, unexpected and nostalgic style elements may have just the biggest trend of the year. When it comes to what people were searching for, though, 2019's top fashion searches may surprise you with its mix of classic pieces and patterns beside trendy 2019 must-haves.

SEMRush, a marketing analytics software brand and trends data provider, tracked what people in 140 countries were googling in 2019 to define what the biggest design and pattern trends were for the entire year. SEMRush utilized keyword volume to determine its list, narrowing down the field by to the top 15 fashion items and top eight textiles and prints of the year. The results are a mix of classic pieces and patterns with more trend-driven pieces that you may or may not have participated in during 2019.

According to SEMRush's data the most searched fashion item of 2019 was an oversized sweater which saw a major 400% increase in searches. While sure, cardigans and ugly Christmas sweaters were also popular in 2019, the oversized trend was the most searched for item among the 140 countries (including the US) where data was collected.

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When it comes to pattern and textile searches in 2019, the most searched fashion items offer a hint at what people were looking for online. Leather trench coats and jackets both scored spots in the top 5 clothing styles, so it's unsurprising that leather is the top textile of 2019.

Leather, however, isn't the only material that corresponds to the top fashion items. Linen blazers were also among the most searched style options making the fabric by itself another popular search term. Animal print, like snake skin and leopard, also scored places in the top 8 patterns of 2019, so if you were wondering what could be popular heading into 2020, animal print could be it.

2019's top fashion items weren't the only stylish research the organization did. SEMRush also discovered the year's most searched e-commerce site. The winner turned out to be Russia's Wildberries, but unfortunately, the online retailer doesn't have a US-based version of its site. The second in the list, however, will certainly be familiar to American shoppers. It's affordable brand H&M which saw 63 million online visitors in 2019.

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As for celebrity style moments, SEMRush has those counted down for style fans, too. Searches for US Women's Soccer star Alex Morgan's bikini from her cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue topped the list of celebrity fashion Google searches. Next up, though, was Lady Gaga's major jewelry moment from 2019 when she donned the famous Tiffany necklace at the Oscars.

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Clearly, 2019 wasn't short on major fashion moments. From trends like oversized sweaters and leather trenches to celebrity style and e-commerce, if this past year was any indication, there's so much style to come in 2020.