21 Small Ways To Support Reproductive Rights

by Megan Grant

Many of us are feeling helpless and overwhelmed right now, with the turn our government is taking and the potential consequences for marginalized groups in this country (and beyond). If you're not sure where to turn next but still want to help, there are small acts of resistance to support reproductive rights that you can make a part of your life. And goodness knows we need all the help we can get: With naysayers trying to defund and destroy Planned Parenthood, Trump moving to remove the Affordable Care Act, and so many of our reproductive rights increasingly at risk, now is not the time to sit back quietly and observe.

While not without its flaws, we scored a huge win with the Women's March On Washington; marches all over the world on Jan. 21 brought together millions of people from all walks of life. To end it here would be to lose steam, though — and the Women's March organizers know this. That's why every 10 days for 100 days straight, they're taking action on an issue we all care about. As they put it, "... now is not the time to hang up our marching shoes — it’s time to get our friends, family and community together and make history."

They hit the nail on the head; and there are many ways you can show you support for reproductive rights and resist many of the unwanted changes we're facing. Here's how.

1. Join the Women's March 10 In 100 Campaign. This one's a given.

2. Donate to one of many organizations that fight for reproductive rights. Planned Parenthood isn't the only one, although it's a great place to start. Here's a list of some others, like NARAL and the Center For Reproductive Rights.

3. Do it in Donald Trump's or Mike Pence's name. Thanks, guys!

4. Contact your state representatives. Remember that big changes start small.

5. Connect with like-minded people locally. is a great place to start looking.

6. Enlist in the Women's Guard. Find out about this national movement here.

7. Check out Lenny Letter. And possibly even subscribe!

8. Help stop the spreading of misinformation. Like that little bit about how " tax payer dollars fund abortions for Planned Parenthood." They don't. It's a lie. And it's just one of many.

9. Don't respond to hate with hate. If someone tries to argue that their tax dollars do pay for abortions, respond to them armed with knowledge and kindness.

10. Continue to normalize the things that our bodies can do. It doesn'tjust have to be periods, either, although that's obviously a huge part of it. Consider, for example, the fact that our president once told a lawyer she was disgusting for needing a break to breastfeed. That, frankly, is BS.

11. Attend town hall meetings. I found a complete list of mine with one easy Google search.

12. Volunteer. Most (if not all) of the groups that you can donate money to, you can also donate time. You're helping people who need it, and it feels pretty good, too.

13. Wear your beliefs. Brands like Feminist Apparel have awesome clothes with a message.

14. Download the Women's March app. The march might be over, but the fight isn't. This'll also help you plan for the 10 In 100 campaign.

15. Turn to Facebook for more local events. Type in whatever interest you have (reproductive rights, birth control, etc.) and see what's happening in your area.

16. Get free birth control from Nurx. And resist Trump's policies while you do it.

17. Spend your money wisely. Many popular stores and companies donate to Planned Parenthood and other organizations like it.

18. Petition for what matters. Create an account at and sign petitions for a variety of matters. Or create a new one of your own!

19. Remind people that "feminist" isn't an ugly word. You can do so with one of these sweatshirts.

20. Listen to opposing viewpoints. Understanding different opinions, however wrong or illogical they may seem, is crucial to our eventual success.

21. Donate your skills instead of money. If you're short on cash flow, maybe you have a specialized skill that would help. Social media, graphic design, and blogging are just a few examples.