25 Really Easy Goals You Can Start AND Finish Before 2018

Ashley Batz / Bustle

Everyone’s talking about New Year’s resolutions, but who says you have to wait until Jan. 1 to start on your goals for 2018? There are actually some really easy goals you can accomplish before 2017 is actually over. And if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to be more proactive, you’ll be getting a head start on that, too.

There are things you said you would do all year but never got around to, but it’s not too late to start and finish them. All goals don’t have to take months or years to accomplish. Some can be done in a matter of days, hours, or even minutes. Small progress is still progress. From personal finance to health and relationships, there are definitely things to you can work towards at this very moment. And they aren’t hard to do at all.

Given all the that’s going on in the world that is out of your control, focusing on you and your goals is a great form of self-care. If you do these 25 things before the year ends, you’ll be setting yourself up for an awesomely productive 2018. You’ll be thankful that you used the last few days of 2017 to up your game. Here are 25 small things you can do to end 2017 on a super productive note.

Update Your LinkedIn

You’ve gained work experience and new skills this year; update your LinkedIn so folks can see your professional growth. Even if you’re not looking for a job right now, it’s always better to update in small increments than doing it all at once while you’re in a time crunch.

Schedule A Physical

Don’t neglect your physical health. An annual physical will give you an idea of how how your body is functioning. Get it on the calendar now so you won't forget about it when the time comes.

Create A Budget

Folks who have a budget are better able to plan ahead in regards to their finances. Create a budget now that will help you reach your 2018 financial goals.

Check Your Credit Score

You can check your credit for free once a year from all three agencies. That means you can get a free credit check every three months. Knowing your credit score makes you more prepared to apply for loans, for an apartment, and plenty of other things you might not think of.

Pick Up A Pack Of Thank You Cards

A hand-written thank you card can go a long way, and you’ll have folks to thank for all the gifts you get this month.

Separate Your Personal And Professional Email Accounts

If you don’t use your social media for professional purposes, don’t have your professional email linked with your social profiles. This is just an easy way to stay organized and make sure you don’t miss any important updates.

Set Up Flight Alerts

If you plan on traveling in 2018, set up a flight alert for your desired destination — they can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Just be sure you’re ready to act fast when you see the perfect price.

Update Your Calendar

Stay organized by updating your calendar through March. There are somethings you already know are going to happen — like birthdays, weddings, or your company's annual sales meeting, so you might as well jot them down now.

Drink More Water

Water does the body good. Start drinking more water now and set up a good habit for 2018.

Read A Short Book

Reading can be really relaxing. What book have you been wanting to read all year? Start it before 2017 ends.


There are a ton of organizations that could use volunteers this holiday season. Look up some in your area and volunteer one last time before the year ends.

Clean A Cluttered Room

Don’t go into 2018 with clutter, literally and metaphorically. Decluttering a room is great for organization and can also help you declutter your mind, not to mention help you start fresh in 2018.

Donate Old Clothes To Charity

If you find old clothes you don't wear while decluttering, consider donating them to a charity that clothes folks who are less fortunate. It’s cold outside, so they’ll be sure to appreciate the donation.

Start Journaling

Journaling is a great way to look back at what you were thinking and how you were feeling at a particular moment. With all the growth you’re going to experience in 2018, starting a journal now will make sure you don’t take your progress for granted.

Throw Out All Your Mismatched Socks

Why are you still holding to that one lime green sock with a hole in it? It’s time to let it go, along with the million other single socks you have in your dresser drawer.

Buy An Extra Pair Of Sheets

Having an extra set of sheets on hand is convenient when you spill something but don’t want to wait for the washing machine to finish up before you crawl back in bed. This time of year is the perfect time to get a deal on household items, & you'll feel so much more #adult with an extra set of sheets in your closet.

Follow People In Your Industry On Twitter

You can learn a lot from following folks on Twitter — especially if they're in your same industry. Find some folks who are doing the things you want to do and click the ‘follow’ button. You never know if you'll find your new mentor this way.

Clean Your Phone

Your phone has so many horrible germs on it. Disinfect it before the year is over and make a habit of wiping it down at least once a week.

Donate Money To A Cause You Care About

Organizations need money to keep their doors open, so think about a cause you care about and donate to an organization that’s advancing that cause. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount.

Register To Vote

A lot of elections are coming up in 2018. If you're not already registered, register to vote before 2017 ends.


Slough off your dead skin before entering 2018. Use your exfoliation as a metaphor for leaving the past in the past.

Read A Long-Form Article

Several excellent pieces of long-form journalism have been written in 2017. Bustle made a list of the best stories written by women this past year — read a few before the ball drops.

Give Someone A Sincere Compliment

Ever held back on giving someone a compliment because you didn’t want to be weird? Think about how you feel when you receive a sincere compliment. Spread that feeling to others by telling someone something you like and admire about them.

You can accomplish these goals in no time. Don't wait until 2018 to start bettering yourself.