3 Crystals To Meditate With During This Weekend’s Erratic Full Moon

Alexander Gold/Shutterstock

Just a few short days before All Hallow's Eve, the skies will be darkening for the October 2019 new moon taking place on Sunday, Oct. 27 in Scorpio. This new moon marks the impetus of unpredictable deep changes, chaotic feelings and impulses, and lots of excitement, so it'll be helpful to brace yourself and gather up some trusty healing crystals for the chaotic October new moon to guide you through the lunar intensity.

As aforementioned, October's dark moon is taking place in Scorpio, a fixed water sign, and a sign with a reputation for being, well, dark. Scorpio energy can be intense, secretive, and edgy — but that intensity goes both ways. Loyalty, devotion, and a powerfully influential presence are also Scorpio qualities, and the stereotypical penchant for darkness truly only speaks to the fact that Scorpios aren't afraid to embrace the deeper, more private, mysterious parts of life — things like sexuality, death, and the occult.

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​​"Also known as Lunar Samhain, the veil between worlds is thinner" wrote astrologer Carla Mary of Scorpio new moons on her site. "With no lunar light, the spirit turns inward, to take a look around the personal interior and ponder realms we can't see with our eyes." New moons are a time of renewed energy to begin journeys and endeavors, but this one in particular is deeply spiritual and transformational in nature.

This new moon also rises in the thick of Mercury retrograde's pre-shadow period, also known as Mercury retroshade, which takes place for about two weeks before the planet begins its actual retrograde motion. Mercury retrograde fall 2019 (which is the final one for the year) begins on Oct. 31, so we'll be just a few days away from this transformative transit when the new moon hits — making it feel extra intense.

Here are some helpful crystals to work with under the new moon in Scorpio (and some fun ways to use them!) to energetically guide you through the changes that are most certainly afoot.


Embracing change. Being willing to let go of what's not serving us. Ready or not, these are the themes we'll face during the new moon, and astrophyllite can serve as a spotlight to help us see these truths more clearly — which can help us process and accept necessary changes. "Astrophyllite helps us to see what is no longer working in our lives and needs to be discarded, and to find the courage to let these things go," wrote Crystal Dictionary. "If a phrase was attached to it, 'when one door closes, another door opens' would be appropriate." Take comfort in the fact that change brings opportunity, and there's nothing there to fear.

How to use it: "Meditating with astrophyllite and/or keeping it on your person and in your home is believed to help move lives forward in a positive direction, facilitating needed major changes and manifesting dreams," wrote Crystal Dictionary of the stone. Carry this stone with you in the days before, during, and following the new moon. If you're feeling lost in the chaos of the new moon, taking a break to meditate with your astrophyllite can be a grounding force, too. Even just keeping one in a visible place in your home can do the trick.

Cinnabar Quartz

Uranus, planet of sudden change, is going to be a major influence on October's new moon, which is making our circumstances unpredictable. Practicing adaptation and flexibility is the best way to ride these waves, and the energetic, transformation-inducing cinnabar quartz can help. "Because of [its] facilitation of rapid change and growth, Cinnabar Quartz is a stone of so called invisibility," explained author Robert Simmons on Crystal Vaults. "This means that it enhances one’s capacity for rapid adaptation to changing circumstances, whether inner or outer."

How to use it: Evolving past our primal instincts and into a more spiritual outlook can help us navigate the possible chaos that could ensue from this moon's energy. Use cinnabar quartz in a third eye meditation (literally place it on your forehead, between your eyes, as you clear your mind and fall into a meditative state) to help balance your energy and attune yourself to your intuitive, spiritual nature that will be more accepting of the ebbs and flows of the lunar energy.

Kambaba Jasper

The Scorpio new moon is a time of changes, and all of us will feel at least a little transformed. Kambaba jasper is a grounding yet spiritual stone that can expand our capacity for growth, understanding, acceptance, and healing. "This gem enhances past life exploration and encourages the release of old energy that is ready to be transformed," wrote Dr. Athena Perrakis of Sage Goddess. "Kambaba jasper helps you invoke the courage it takes to explore your own soul."

How to use it: October's new moon takes place in a water sign, and the moon itself is associated with water energy, so we're really swimming through this one. That said, make a lunar-charge kambaba jasper healing water to drink the morning after the new moon. "Jasper water is particularly useful as a gem elixir because it does not over stimulate the body," wrote Crystal Vaults. "It may be made by the indirect method, or by letting the stone soak in demineralized water overnight." Either place your jasper atop a sealed jar of water, or place it in a jar of demineralized water, set it out during the peak of the new moon. Drink it to help stabilize you over the coming days.