4 Crystals To Help You Keep Semi-Calm During The Next Episode Of ‘GoT’

Helen Sloan/HBO

OK, so we've officially got only two (TWO!!!!) episodes left of HBO's Game Of Thrones and the notion of keeping our chill has been thrown out the window completely. Staying lowkey while the stakes are this high is no longer an option, cause we all know that sh*t's about to hit the fan hard in the Seven Kingdoms. And though most of our main-character faves were left standing after the battle at Winterfell, we've got some major mountains left to climb in King's Landing, and who knows what kind of drama/heartbreak/madness is in store over the course of these final two episodes.

In any case, I think every serious GoT stan could use a little assistance in the keeping-it-together department right about now, so might my new age lovin', energy vibing self suggest some crystal healing to help you keep your cool? Crystals are gorgeous (and can definitely make you feel a lil' extra mystical as you watch your favorite fantasy show), but they're also believed to have all sorts of healing properties that can be transmitted to us through energy. Call it a placebo, but I've used crystal healing often in times of stress, and I truly find it helpful and calming. If you're kinda sorta freaking out about the impending Game Of Thrones finale and all the shockers it's sure to carry with it, then it may be worth it to bust out a sparkly rock or two.

If you're looking to keep your chill (or attempt to, anyway) over the coming weeks, here are four of my favorite crystals to keep with you while you watch Game Of Thrones' next episode that will help you stay calm, accept what comes, and keep the posi vibes high. Check 'em out.

Fire & Ice Quartz

Fire & Ice Crackle Quartz Point, $20, Etsy.

OK, so not only is the name of this crystal too too perfect for GoT fans — the metaphysical properties of this crystal will serve you well throughout the likely-to-be-stressful rest of the final season. Named for the process that's used to create the iridescent crackles and fissures within the quartz (which involves heating and then cooling a clear quartz crystal), this stone is said to help with "clearing all negative energies held within one’s cellular memory," according to Soulful Crystals, and is thought to raise the overall vibrations of your spirit. If things go awry this season, like we fear they will, this aptly-named crystal will be appreciated.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite Healing Crystal, $57.11, Etsy.

Calcite comes in many different colors, but this gorgeous, milky-looking crystal is always soothing and calming. Orange calcite specifically is extremely helpful for emotional stability, and whew, are we going to need that as GoT comes to a close. This sunshine colored crystal is wonderful for getting positive, cheerful energy flowing through your body. My favorite way to use orange calcite is to hold it in my hands — the surface of the stone is smooth and shiny feels nice to rub, and you can absorb its spiritual benefits through physical touch.

Dragon's Blood Jasper

Dragon Blood Jasper, $11, Etsy.

Here's one for all of you Team Dragon members. Another aptly-named crystal for Game Of Thrones, dragon's blood jasper is super grounding, spiritual, and earthy, so if/when disaster strikes the lives of your favorite characters, you can use this stone to help you focus on the fact that it's just a TV show and all good things must come to an end sometimes. Right? It's also known as a stone of great courage, and some people use these crystals to help them transition into a meditative state — which may also be helpful to use after each episode in case you need to find your zen and de-stress.


Black Onyx Crystal Ball, $46, Etsy.

We really did need an emotional protection stone on this list, because emotions are running hot. Onyx is a powerful protector crystal against negative energies, and its power is thought to be highly magical in nature. Used often in occult work, onyx is known for being helpful in centering you spiritually, giving you strength, and calming nerves. "It is a support stone for grief and denial, and assists one during the emotional processes of mourning, acceptance, and moving forward," explained Crystal Vaults — which is ideal given the grief we're likely to have once GoT is over forever.