Mercury Retroshade Drama Is Inevitable For These 4 Zodiac Signs On Valentine's Day

4 Zodiac Signs Mercury Retroshade Winter 2020 & Valentine's Day Will Affect The Most
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Valentine's Day is almost here, which means many of us are scheduling something fun with our partners and friends to celebrate. Unfortunately, there's some astrological mayhem on the horizon, and it wants to mess with our Valentine's Day plans. Yes, I'm talking about Mercury retrograde winter 2020, which begins on Feb. 16 — but more specifically, its pre-retrograde shadow period (aka Mercury retroshade), which starts two weeks earlier, on Feb. 2.

Mercury retrogrades and their preceding retroshades are notorious for screwing up our plans, jumbling up our text messages, and throwing wrenches in our ability to communicate anything clearly. And this season's Mercury retrograde is in Pisces, a sensitive water sign, which is making us feel even more emotional and confused under the retro-shady influence come Valentine's Day.

The retroshade will make things tough for some zodiac signs, but the overall astrology for the day isn't all bad. "This year, Valentine's Day is set to be a little bit of a mixed bag," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at and "On one side, the moon in sexy Scorpio harmoniously connecting with both Jupiter and Neptune is going to make us want to celebrate big and put us in the mood for lusty romance." In other words, we'll be wrapped up in intense feelings thanks to the Scorpio moon, but Jupiter's influence will also make us feel celebratory, lucky, and ready for fun — which bodes well for a romantic Valentine's Day.

But then, of course, we also have the retroshade's influence rearing its ugly head — and we'll have to prepare for the consequences if we want our Valentine's Day plans to stand a chance. "Unfortunately, as communicator Mercury prepares to go retrograde two days after (Feb. 16), our plans might face delays and there might also be misunderstandings," Montúfar says. A little pre-planning and extra-thoughtful communication will go a long way now.

While everyone is bound to feel the frustrating effects of this transit, there are a few zodiac signs most affected by Mercury retroshade on Valentine's Day who will feel things even more intensely. Read on to find out if your sign is one of them — and what to expect if so.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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You're feeling extra impulsive in love come Valentine's Day, Aries. But diving into something before you consider the outcome is never a good idea under a Mercury retroshade transit, so try to keep yourself in check. "With Mercury about to turn retrograde in your twelfth house of secrets, and the moon in Scorpio highlighting your eighth house of transformation, this is a time to stop and think before you act," says Montúfar. "Making rash decisions won’t fix things, but stopping to reflect will — as you will slowly but surely realize over the next three weeks." Take things slow and everything will work out.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

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With Mercury retroshade taking place in a fellow water sign, you're bound to feel its effects a bit more heavily than most. But if there's anything retroshades are good for, it's resetting and reviewing — and you're going to have that opportunity in a relationship this Valentine's Day, Scorpio. "Resetting the energy within an important relationship will be your theme for Valentine's Day," says Montúfar. "Luckily, you will be given a chance to review a topic that was previously off the table. And this time… it will be solved for good!" Take advantage of this moment.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

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Expect the unexpected this Valentine's Day, Sag, because the retroshade is bringing all sorts of revelations to light, in your love life and otherwise. "Surprises will be the name of the game for you — and how you handle them will be key to having a fun night regardless of what happens," Montúfar says. "Under this astro-weather, it’s best to make chill plans and enjoy the ride as much as you can." Life's a roller coaster, but you like it like that. Keep an open mind and go-with-the-flow attitude, and you'll be golden.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

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This retrograde cycle spends the majority of its reign of terror in your sign, Pisces. But thankfully, you'll be able to circumvent any cosmic drama come Valentine's Day by staying on top of communication with your partner and keeping your stress levels in check. "Although Mercury retroshade in your sign can bring changes of plans or misunderstandings, the moon being in watery pal sign Scorpio will help you feel at ease," says Montúfar. "Staying in or doing something low key will ensure you stay happy and comfortable tonight." Keep it chill and enjoy the ride.


If your sign is getting hit hard with retroshade drama this Valentine's Day, don't stress. Just keep things chill, and remember to take the proper Mercury retroshade precautions to avoid falling for the transit's usual tricks. Do that, and you're sure to survive this Valentine's Day — and who knows? Maybe it'll be the most romantic one yet.