How To Get The Most From Crystals When You're Meditating

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Crystals are beautiful, but they're also widely used by many people in all rituals and wellness practices in the form of crystal healing. Every crystal is believed to have its own unique vibrational healing energy, so simply being around them could possibly offer positive effects. But if you learn how to program crystals with your intentions, you can get even more out of every stone you work with and open yourself up to the real magic that they have to offer. The best part is that doing so is easy, so even a beginner to the world of crystal healing can make it happen.

Throughout history, crystals have been used for everything from curing physical pains, enhancing beauty, soothing emotional states, and offering spiritual protection from evil. And crystal healing practitioners still use gems and minerals for all sorts of similar healing purposes today. I've personally been working with crystals for years and find them extremely beneficial — I use them in meditations, as a supplement for stress relief, in lunar rituals, and much more. But no matter how I use them, I always take the time to charge and program them with my intentions in order to maximize their benefit.

If you're new to the crystal healing life, it's time to jump right into the game — but before you start working with crystals for their healing properties, you'll want to connect with them, and charge them with your personal intentions. And coming in without a ton of knowledge might actually be a good thing, according to astrologer Nura Rachelle of metaphysical crystal shop Thee Ancients, who spoke with Bustle about programming crystals. "Starting with beginner’s mind is foundational in setting the right tone with your crystals. You want to establish a relationship with them, acknowledging them as the wise Earth beings that they are," explains Rachelle. "Almost forgetting everything you think you know about a crystal can help you to actually connect with them, much like people."

Why Program Your Crystals Before Using Them?


Bustle also spoke with Heather Askinosie, the co-founder of Energy Muse and author of the upcoming book, CRYSTAL365, who shares with us the importance of this practice. "Programming a crystal with an intention gives your crystal its job," explains Askinosie to Bustle. "It allows your crystal to work for you in the way you want it to, so it's very important."

Crystals are incredible specimens in that some of them have been proven to store and transfer energy (think about how quartz has many technical applications, such as being used in watches and computer memory storage). "In technical terms, quartz is piezoelectric, meaning it can transform energy from one form to another," explained John Swain, a physicist at Northwestern University in an article for While their healing properties haven't been proven by science, they've been used for these purposes for centuries — so if you're going to try to feel these purported effects for yourself, it's worth it to charge your crystals.

Best of all, giving your crystals a job to do helps you connect with your own wants and needs, and that's important. "Fully connecting in deeply with yourself about what you want to connect to more in life: That is the foundation for charging your crystals with your intentions," continues Rachelle to Bustle. "[It's about] seeing them as allies to support you on your awakening journey."

What Can I Do With A Programmed Crystal?


Like I said, if you plan on working with your crystals regularly, charging with your energy them is a must! And while you can program your intentions into any crystal you feel called to, there are some that are even easier to work with as a beginner. "When it comes to programming crystals, quartz, herkimer diamonds, or Lemurian Seed Crystals are my go to, because of the high vibrational (yet clean) energies they hold," explains witch and crystal expert Renée Watt, who spoke with Bustle about her process.

And once you've programmed a crystal with your intention for it and connected with its energy, it's ready to work for you. Carry your crystal with you (whether in a piece of jewelry or in your purse or pocket) so that you can benefit from its energy all day long.

But there are plenty of other things to do with programmed crystals too. "One example of how to apply this would be if you’re trying to land a new job — imagine yourself on an interview and making such a good impression they hire you on the spot," says Watt. "Once you’ve completed the programming, carry the mineral on you anytime you go in for an interview and watch the job offers roll in!"

If you're doing dream work, Gaia Magazine suggests that you can "put a programmed quartz under your pillow at night and hold it in the morning to help you remember dreams," to give you another example.

How To Program Crystals With Your Intentions


Charging your crystals is easier than you'd think. But before attempting to program any crystal with your personal intentions, you'll want to know how to cleanse your crystals first. You want your stone to be pure, clear, and ready to give and receive energy, so cleansing away any energetic baggage that could have attached itself to the stone is a must.

Once your crystal is cleansed and ready, you should take a few moments to connect with its energy prior to setting your intentions. "When programming your crystal, I like to first take a moment to connect with it," explains Askinosie. "Hold it, touch it, look at it, notice how it feels in your hands. This exchange of energy unites you with your crystal to create a deep and powerful energetic connection."

Now you're ready to program that crystal of yours! Here are a few simple ways to do that:

1. Program an intention into your crystal using meditation. Using crystal meditation is a great way to get in touch with the energy of your stone and channel your personal intentions into it so you can start using it to your advantage. "I begin by getting into a meditative state while holding the crystal in my hands," shares Watt of her crystal programming practice. "Once I feel tapped in, I focus on the intent I’m hoping to infuse the crystal with into my hands, then visualize the crystal absorbing the energy of my thoughts." There are many different ways to meditate with crystals, so experiment with a practice of your own to figure out what feels most effective for you.

2. Use a ritual to give your crystal a job. Crystal rituals can be a very effective way to work with their energies, and can also be an effective way to program them. Askinosie of Energy Muse shared another ritual for programming a crystal with a job to do. "After spending a few moments connecting with its energy, it's time to give your crystal its job," she shares with Bustle. "After you've identified what you want, say out loud, 'I program this crystal for ____.' Fill in the blank with your specific intention."

"In general, I recommend repeating your intention out loud three times, as the number three represents taking action," Askinosie continues. "Once you've said your intention out loud, you can thank your crystal and either place it in your space or carry it with you to amplify your intention."

3. Charge your crystals using your chakras. Your chakras are energy centers on your spiritual body that are believed to correspond with different areas of your life, body parts, and emotional states (you can read up on them further here). Different colored crystals often correspond to different chakras, and using the energy of your own chakras to program your crystals can be super helpful. Think about the parts of your life that you'd like your particular crystal to support. For example, perhaps you have a sunny, action-oriented citrine crystal and you'd like to program it to help you build your confidence and be more proactive about your goals. In that case, placing the citrine on your solar plexus chakra while focusing on your intention would be helpful, as it will naturally sync with that energy. As you continue to work with the stone, it will continue to enhance your solar plexus energy.

4. Ask your crystal to share its energy with you. As mentioned, each crystal has a different and unique energy. Some crystals are great for stress-relief and relaxation, while others can help energize you and build confidence. Sometimes your intention for a crystal may be simply to use it for exactly what it has to offer, unadulterated. In those cases, connect with your crystal through meditation and ask it to share its helpful energetic qualities with you. "You need to ask your crystals to perform their functions and help you in making your intentions manifest in your reality," explained Crystals & Jewelry on its site. "The purpose of programming a crystal is to focus its energies on a specific goal, intention, or desire."