5 Face Oils That Mix Well With Makeup

If you've yet to introduce essential oils into your beauty routine, you're seriously missing out — these naturally derived oils boast a ton of benefits to your skin and they smell divine too. You might want to learn about face oils that mix well with makeup if you're interested in experimenting with essential oils. These heavenly oils are often associated with massage and beauty treatments, so it's awesome to hear that essential oils can be mixed with your everyday makeup too. To gain an insight into the benefits that essential oils bring to the skin, I spoke with the founder of UMA Oils and Ayurvedic Expert Shrankhla Holecek.

"Skincare oils not only deliver nutrition to the protective lipid layer of the epidermis, but also penetrate deeper layers of the skin. Lipophilic (or fat-loving) oils permeate the lipid layer to deliver water and active compounds to the dermis layer underneath. These bioactive ingredients stream oxygen and micronutrients through the blood of the dermis, fortifying the elastin fiber and collagen matrix that maintains the skin’s structure — in other words, enhancing its firmness and youthful appearance," Holecek explains in an email to Bustle. "Thick facial creams, on the other hand," she adds, "can create a waxy layer of residue that clogs pores and makes makeup appear uneven."

So if you want to add some spa style decadence to your beauty regime, while benefitting your skin at the same time, here are a selection of face oils that mix well with makeup.

1. Oils For Foundation

Uma Oils Ultimate Brightening Face Oil, $150, Space NK

"For a long-lasting, dewy look," instructs Holecek, "mix a drop of your favorite face oil (ours favorite is UMA's Ultimate Brightening Face Oil) into your foundation or tinted moisturizer before applying it. The lipophilic oils create a bond between make up and skin, for more staying power — and a natural looking glow." This method sounds like a super easy way to get glowy skin!

2. Oils For Lip Color

"Walnut and avocado oils provide a great deep conditioning treatment for lips," explains Holecek, "dab some on before you go to bed at night, for smoother application of lip color the next day!"

3. Oils To Prevent Makeup Caking

Uma Oils Absolute Anti Aging Eye Oil, $105, Space NK

"Under-eye makeup and powder can look caked on as the day progresses," says Holecek, "solve this problem by applying a small amount of an absorbent yet moisturizing oil (especially one loaded with rose oil, like our UMA Absolute Anti Aging Eye Oil) under the eyes and around crows feet prior to applying make up."

"Not only will this prevent cakey-ness — it will also calm under-eye redness and brighten dark circles, for an instantly 'awake' look," she explains.

4. Oils To Remove Makeup

You'd be surprised at what oils can achieve. According to Holecek, in addition to virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil can also be used as a makeup remover! It seems there's little these dreamy oils can't do.

5. Oils To Aid Maturing Skin

"Face oils are especially beneficial — in fact, almost necessary — as the skin matures," says Holecek. "Mature skin produces fewer lipids, becoming thinner over time and losing its ability to retain moisture as effectively. This leads not only to dryness, but also vulnerability to damage from the sun and bacteria," she explains.

"The right face oils can help the skin retain its natural moisture and combat visible signs of aging. Rose oil is excellent at hydrating and nurturing maturing skin, while frankincense works at the cellular level to promote renewal and collagen production," Holecek elaborates. To keep your skin in tip-top condition, it's definitely worth wearing some rose oil or frankincense under your makeup.

It's amazing what essential oils can do and what's more, when you pair them with your makeup, you've got an unstoppable combo!

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