7 Best Positions For Doing It In The Shower

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When it comes to shower sex, it's a ~slippery~ slope. It seems super hot in theory, but realistically, can easily end in one or multiple sex-related injuries. Although such a disaster can make for a great story, it can also be a bad news bears situation and some injuries can take weeks to recover from, putting your whole sex life on hold. No one wants that.

But while shower sex comes with its own set of dangers, it's still something that some people want to try at least once — if only to cross it off a sex bucket list, which, yes, some of us totally have. For others, it could simply be because they need some spice in their life and the shower looks more intriguing than the kitchen table. (Although they're both equal in their fun factor, TBH.)

But how does one go about having safe and fun shower sex that won't put themselves and/or their partner in the hospital? Positions. It's all about choosing the right positions and, honestly, skipping the soap. You can lather up after you've successfully had sex without falling; you don't need to throw something else into the mix that's going to up the injury ante.

Here are seven sex positions you want to give a try in the shower.


Standing Doggy

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How to do it: With your partner behind you, bend over while they penetrate you from this angle. You'll definitely want to steady yourself with the shower wall or the floor of the tub, depending on what's most comfortable for you and your flexibility range.

Why it's good for the shower: I feel like standing positions just seem like the immediately go-to when it comes to shower sex. However, some are more feasible than others. This one, in particular, makes sense because you get to lean on something to, hopefully, prevent you from falling.


Woman On Top

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How to do it: With your partner sitting, straddle them and lower yourself into their lap.

Why it's good for the shower: Although we don't often think of sitting or lying down positions as being a good fit for shower sex, this one works because you don't need much floor space to pull it off. Even if you have a stand-up shower that doesn't have a full-size tub, you can make it happen. It's just a matter of adjusting the shower head so neither one of you are in its direct path, because yikes. There's no sense in drowning in the name of a great orgasm.


The Bridge

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How to do it: With your partner on their knees (I'd suggest a towel or mat under their knees to ease any discomfort for them) and you on your back, have them lift your hips and pull themselves into you.

Why it's good for the shower: I know what you're thinking: WTF. But, having tried this position in the shower, I can attest to the fact that it does work. Granted, it's not the most ideal, but shower sex isn't the most ideal scenario either. But it is doable, if you're hell bent on having shower sex and not slipping and falling. You can't slip and fall when you're already on the shower floor.



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How to do it: While facing the shower wall, have your partner, who's standing behind you, enter you from behind.

Why it's good for the shower: Frankly, if you're going take the standup route, this is your best bet. You can use the wall for support and since you're not bent over like in the other stand up option above, you'll have greater stability. Whether it's the wall or the floor, stability is an extremely important part of shower sex.


Three-Legged Dog

How to do it: Lean your back against the wall, separate your legs, and put one leg over their hip while your they enter you.

Why it's good for the shower: It may require some balance, but once you get there it's just your bodies pressed up against each other as you steam up the room — how hot is that?


Mutual Masturbation

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How to do it: Just reach on down and start to pleasure yourself, while your partner does the same.

Why it's good for the shower: I mean, how else are you supposed to get through the day if you don't start it off with a proper orgasm? That being said, it's great for the shower, because you don't have to worry about falling. You can each jerk yourselves off while kissing, and it's hot and far from dangerous.


The Proposal

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How to do it: With your partner down on one knee, as if they're going to pop the big question, and you on your knees, get close enough so they can penetrate you. Again, since knees and the floor are involved, I suggest a towel to make it more comfortable.

Why it's good for the shower: The proposal sex position is actually more stable than it looks. It's also a fantastic option if you have a partner with a big penis because the angle helps to prevent any discomfort that might come from having a well-endowed partner.

Ultimately, if you do it right, shower sex can be a lot of fun! But it's really important to choose your positions wisely, keep slippery things out of it until afterward, and realize the importance of steadying yourself with the wall or floor. It also helps if you know, going into it, it's going to be a bit tricky, then you can at least have a laugh when you both end up on your ass — IF that should be the case.