7 Clues Hannah G. Probably Isn't Going To End Up With Colton


Since the very beginning of Colton's season of The Bachelor, Hannah G. has been cruising. But there are some clues that Hannah G. doesn't The Bachelor, that only make heading into fantasy suite dates all the more intense. Heading into the fantasy suites, only Hannah, Tayshia, and Cassie are left, and while you might have felt secure in your assertion that Hannah will be the last one standing, there are some pretty good signs that Colton sends Hannah G. home without the final rose.

Right now, Colton has strong feelings for all three women on the show, or at least he asked all of their fathers for permission to propose. While it seems like Hannah G. has the advantage over fellow frontrunner Cassie because Hannah has told Colton she's falling in love with him when Cassie hasn't, that's not enough to secure her spot as the winner. Because, in the end, it's Colton who will decide.

Still, you may be convinced it will be Colton and Hannah at the end since she has had a lot of milestones, like earning the first impression rose and being the first name he said at the rose ceremony after hometown dates. But consider these signs that Hannah won't win before you put all your money on her.

She Dated Someone Else From 'Bachelor' Nation

According to Us Weekly, Hannah dated Chris Strandburg of Kaitlyn Bristowe's Bachelorette season before she was on The Bachelor. Hannah and Chris reportedly broke up in the spring of 2018 and filming for Colton's season started that September, so there isn't any overlap — plus, Bachelor Nation is pretty incestuous so it's not like Colton could judge Hannah for that. But even with that being said, it could be a red flag of sorts.

Colton Didn't Seem To Love Their Etiquette Class

Colton was facing one his biggest fears when he went skydiving with Tayshia and he still seemed to have more fun doing that than taking that etiquette class with Hannah. One bad date doesn't ensure an elimination, but any event can be made fun if you're with someone you're really head over heels for, so the lukewarm reception to the etiquette class could be an indication that Colton isn't feeling Hannah as much as the other women.

Colton's Gym Buddy

Fans are concerned that Colton just spoiled his own ending by going to the gym with Cassie's sister's boyfriend, actor Gregg Sulkin. Unfortunately for Hannah G. fans, the logic here is painfully clear — why would he be hanging with Sulkin if he didn't pick Cassie?

She Just Might Be The Next Bachelorette

Many fans think Hannah G. would be pretty perfect as the Bachelorette. And even though the producers claim they don't pre-select the Bachelor and Bachelorette, she sure has had a very generous edit. So fans would like to see this drama-free contestant be the lead of her own season and perhaps that's what her journey on Colton's season has been leading to.

It Was All Physical

When Hannah finally got her first one-on-one date with Colton, the show mostly focused on their physical connection to one another. That could have been done intentionally by the producers for a steamy episode or maybe these two didn't have anything to talk about because they don't really connect on a deeper level. Time will tell.

Her Hometown Rap

OK, this doesn't seem like an actual reason that Colton would send her home, but Twitter couldn't get enough of mocking Hannah G.'s rap at the end of the hometown date episode.

She Got The First Impression Rose

Perhaps the biggest sign that Hannah won't win is the fact that she earned the first impression rose. While you would think that would work in Hannah's favor, no Bachelor has ever picked the recipient of the first impression rose as the winner of his season. Some F.I.R. recipients may make it to the final, but they never get proposed to, so don't think that Hannah's early lead guarantees her a Neil Lane ring.

While this is all speculation, at least considering these clues will better prepare you if Colton does send Hannah home. Because with only two episodes left, Colton's time to make a decision is coming to an end.