7 Conversation Starters To Avoid Awkward Silences At Your Office Christmas Party

4 PM production/Shutterstock

The most wonderful time of the year? The time of year with more social events you're obliged to attend as opposed to actually wanting to more like. And one of the biggest and most dread-filled soirees of the festive season is, of course, the work Christmas do. Yes, there will probably be male colleagues with their ties tied around their heads and you'll inevitably be sat beside someone you've never uttered more than three words to. But don't worry guys, I've got some tried and tested conversation starters to avoid awkward silences at your office Christmas party.

As a profoundly awkward and generally disinterested person who doesn't much like crowds, noise, or doing things I don't want to do: learning to get by in (and even enjoy) social events has become a bit of a necessity. One that, dare I say, I have down to a fine art. But the work Xmas do is one of the trickiest of them all.

How do you find something in common with Susan from accounts? What the hell is that guy from legal who always points at you when he says hi's name? And most importantly: how do you engage with someone who you have absolutely zero in common with apart from the company that pays you?

Ding dong merrily on high everyone, we got this.