7 “Game Of Thrones” Themed Sex Toys, Because Winter’s Not The Only Thing Coming

Since its first episode in April 2011, Game of Thrones has managed to become a gigantic, worldwide phenomenon. Based on the series of books, "A Song of Ice and Fire," by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones is a medieval fantasy world of dragons, corrupt royalty, and lots and lots of death. But, as everything must, Game of Thrones will soon come to an end and fans will get to see who actually survives the mayhem of Seven Kingdoms which, apparently, isn't going to be too many people. While the ending of the show is bound to leave a hole in the lives of those who grown to love it, there's at least a long line of Game of Thrones merchandise to keep everyone happy. There are even Game of Thrones themed sex toys that you can legit buy and use.

Thanks to the creative minds at Geeky Sex Toys, you can procure yourself a toy from their "Game of Moans" collection, because who doesn't want to infuse some dragon play into their sex life? Although these toys are in no way affiliated with HBO, they're definitely the closest thing you're going to get to Games of Thrones inspired sex toys.


Game of Moans – Long Shaft

While the thought of a dildo sword might make some squirm a bit, to diehard Game of Thrones fan this is probably, most likely, a must. And, when you're done, you can use it for a mock sword fight afterward. Maybe.


Dragon Egg Gag

Whether you're deep in the BDSM community or looking to give BDSM a try, this dragon egg gag is pretty fantastic. As the description reads, "According to legend you only need buckle this up once to become the Mother of Dragons." Well then.


Duke's Muzzle Masturbator

This masturbator from Bad Dragon is fairly terrifying looking, but if you're someone who dreams of being fellated by a dragon, then here you go! Also, Bad Dragon has some pretty out-there dildos too that might be enticing to some.


Dragon Egg Bullet Vibrator Container (With Vibrator)

While it may not be quite the Fabergé egg your grandparents have on the mantle, it does serve a higher purpose: to give orgasms. Tucked inside this stylish egg container is a bullet vibrator — and you can never go wrong when it comes to bullet vibes.


Bronze Eagle Dildo Sword

According to the description on this one, the Bronze Eagle Dildo Sword is here to "slay your orgasms!" So, if you need any orgasm-slaying, this dildo sword is for you.


The Night Kink – Limited Edition Glow in the Dark Dildo

Inspired by the Night King, this Night Kink dildo serves double duty: to arouse you and to help you through the dark night thanks to its glowing capability. As the name suggests, it is limited edition, so you don't want to sit and wait too long to get this one.


Drodong Silicone Dragon Dildo

Let's be honest: This dildo is, most likely, only going to be appealing to Game of Thrones' fans. Or fans of dragons. It's a pretty intense looking dildo. But it will help you "unleash your inner Khaleesi and mount this magnificent beast today," so that's pretty exciting.


Whether you're a Game of Thrones fan looking to get something for yourself or happen to be friends with a fan, these toys will absolutely bring a bit of Winterfell into your sex (or masturbation) life.