Get Ready For John Oliver's Season 4 Premiere

by Alex Gladu
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With all that's happened in the U.S. government, it's hard to believe that John Oliver's Last Week Tonight hasn't been on the air with a new episode since November. On Sunday, the notoriously and hilariously anti-Donald Trump comedian returns with the premiere of Last Week Tonight's fourth season on HBO. His commentary on recent events has been much-anticipated, but it's anyone's guess what he'll choose to cover in his premiere episode. From the refugee crisis to charter schools, the best preparation for Sunday's premiere may be to watch these once-again-relevant John Oliver videos.

Some may say that Oliver's job has gotten easier in the time that he's been on hiatus, thanks to the deluge of material provided to him by the newsworthy Trump administration. But ahead of Sunday's premiere, Oliver cautioned that he wouldn't turn the show into an outright Trump-fest. "I'm very anxious to not make it all Trump all the time, just on the level of interest and what the human soul can sustain," he has reportedly said.

Regardless of what he says in Season 4, plenty of Oliver's past content has become relevant in the wake of President Trump's transition from candidate to president. Oliver seems to know that his audience is weary from Trump's actions, but nonetheless, his comedic take could be more necessary now than ever before.

Charter Schools

Last week, Betsy DeVos, a proponent of school choice, basically became the head of the public school system, when she was confirmed by the Senate as secretary of education. Critics worry that DeVos doesn't understand the needs of public schools, having no prior experience in the public school system herself. In this video from last August, Oliver shows why the other side of the coin — charter schools — may not be the perfect system either.


Amidst fake news, alternative facts, and heated interviews with Kellyanne Conway, there's something to be said for print journalism. Oliver said it best last season in this eye-opening segment that will make you want to subscribe to your local newspaper.

The Border Wall

Oliver analyzed the feasibility of Trump's border wall almost a year ago. Now that the wall is part of an executive order, the costs have become as real as the concerns of racism and xenophobia that Oliver also mentioned.

Migrants & Refugees

In September 2015, Oliver broke down the migrant and refugee crisis that was sweeping Europe at the time. Now it's 2017, and Oliver could still continue talking about that same crisis. That's some perspective that could be hard to come to terms with.

Refugee Crisis

This video came a year after Oliver's episode about migrants and refugees, but it touched on the exact same situation. Here, Oliver explained the screening process for refugees coming from Syria. However, that screening process may now be obsolete, as Trump has temporarily banned anyone from Syria to enter the U.S.

Nuclear Weapons

On Saturday, North Korea reportedly launched a ballistic missile test, perhaps as a message to Trump. In this video from 2014, Oliver goes in on the U.S.'s own nuclear weapons arsenal, with some history that may surprise you.

Season 4 Promo

There's no politics talk here. The Season 4 promo video is just pure fun. It will get you excited about Oliver's return to HBO, and the return of some other HBO favorites, too.

From Cabinet confirmations to executive orders, Oliver certainly has no shortage of potential topics for Last Week Tonight's fourth season. But don't expect a repeat of last season's Donald Drumpf stunt. As he always does, Oliver will likely challenge his audience to pay attention to the less-talked-about side of the news.