7 'Million Little Thing' Mysteries & Plot Holes I Can't Stop Thinking About

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A Million Little Things is finally back after a mini-hiatus and this group is messier than ever. “Fight or Flight” brought everyone got together for a wine tasting that went super wrong and led to more questions and division among the group. This only added to the pile of A Million Little Things theories and questions that need answers by the mid-season finale, so hopefully the next two episodes will satisfy fans’ curiosity.

This episode packed on the drama as Maggie confronted her past issues surrounding her brother’s death and ended her current relationship with Gary because of their ongoing disagreement about her decision to forego chemo. Maggie seemed to find some peace in her very strange dreams, but she’s also passed out on her apartment floor while Gary is having sex with Ashley. He just can’t stop being a ridiculous man-child.

Meanwhile, Eddie is trying to piece his life back together but he’s struggling with his feelings for Delilah and his regrets over Katherine, who seems to be the only person winning right now with a new potential love interest. Honestly, Katherine deserves some happiness in her life so it was refreshing to see her show up to the party with a gorgeous guy on her arm. Finally, Rome and Regina are trying to redefine their relationship as he continues to make progress with his therapy sessions.

Obviously, a lot happened but these burning questions are still on everyone’s mind:

Does The Jon Mystery Still Exist?

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The show started off with everyone trying to make sense of Jon’s tragic death by suicide. Understandably, life goes on after someone dies and their death cannot always be rationalized but that seemed to be the big mystery of this season.

Now, there are so many threads, plot twists, and problems that the overall premise of the show seems to have taken a backseat. What about those Rutledge files and that letter that Ashley never gave Delilah? Where, exactly, is this show going at this point? Perhaps more of it will come together as Season 1 comes to an end.

Will Gary Accept Maggie's Decision About Treatment?

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Gary and Maggie have been saying the same thing to each other over and over again for the past few episodes. She has told him a million little times that she doesn’t want to get the treatment so LET IT GO Gary.

It may be tough to watch her make a decision that he doesn’t agree with, but he ultimately has to respect her choice. Of course, it’s easier for the friend group to support her because there are no romantic attachments, but Gary keeps breaking his promise to not pressure her about treatment and that's not okay. If Maggie changes her mind, it should be on her own terms and not due to intense pressure from Gary.

Who Is Barbara Morgan?

Remember Barbara Morgan? She’s the fourth beneficiary on the policy that Jon’s buddies still don’t know about to this day. There have been a couple of references to this mysterious person yet the show hasn’t gotten one step closer to revealing any pertinent information.

When will she make an appearance? What does she want? Right now, she seems like another lost thread associated with the mystery behind Jon’s death.

What's The Deal With Ashley?

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Ashley has been showing up at friend events but there has been little to no information revealed about her motivations. Why is she hiding all this information from Jon’s inner circle? How much does she know about Jon’s death?

Fans have been impatiently waiting for the show to reveal more about Ashley, but all she does is randomly show up, ask nosy questions, snoop around, and do things that make zero sense like pushing up on Gary when he’s clearly in a bad emotional space. A Million Little Things needs to shine some light on this character fast.

What The Heck Are Eddie and Delilah Doing?

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These two need to stop being messy. Delilah is telling him to lie about their baby and back away yet they are going to doctor’s appointments together and kissing with passion. And, Eddie is equally terrible as he asks Katherine what’s going on with them knowing that he doesn’t want to be with her. And, how long do they really think they are going to be able to keep up this lie about the baby? It's truly baffling that their friends would take her word on the child belonging to Jon when she was keeping such a huge secret about her affair.

They should have spilled the beans and got it over with but now they are going to break their friends’ hearts all over again. It’s a never-ending mess and this confused pair needs to decided if they are going to go ahead and be in a relationship or go their separate ways. A friendship seems nearly impossible at this point and, to be frank, fans are tired of their wishy-washy behavior.

Will Katherine Find Happiness?

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Katherine seems to have hit a major upgrade with Hunter. He’s smart, attractive, gainfully employed, and seems to be the attentive kind of guy that she totally deserves.

But, being with Katherine means stepping into a very messy situation since she is in the midst of a divorce AND her inner circle is a hot mess. He seems pretty understanding at this point but that could quickly change depending on how dysfunctional things get with Katherine.

It’s nice to see Katherine happy, but will she actually stay happy and find her new normal? It would be her luck that the truth about Delilah's baby will be revealed or something else happens to make her life terrible again. Please, just let Katherine win.

Will There Be A Season 2?

There’s no word from ABC if the show will return for a second season, but it would be a shame if it all ends on some weird cliffhanger. The series has sucked us into its web of lies and deceit, so we have to see it through to the resolution – even if we are watching with a major side eye.

Find out what questions are resolved for this group on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET