7 Positions That Make Sex Go Faster

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As much as hours and hours of sex can be out-of-this-world fantastic, having a quickie can be equally great. But in a completely different way, of course. One of the big selling points about having a quickie is you can squeeze it in almost anytime and anywhere — before work, on your lunch break, in the coat closet at your friend's engagement party, or in your favorite bar bathroom, just to name a few spots. You could actually quickie yourself all around town, if you really wanted to do so.

Quickies also allow for creativity. If it takes women a good 20 minutes or so to be fully aroused, then a quickie means that getting to the goodies stat is essential so both partners can climax, enjoy themselves, then move on with whatever they were doing before they decided they absolutely, positively, needed a quickie.

Because having a quickie is dependent upon speeding up sex, a couple things come into play to help you orgasm: Clitoral stimulation and position. For clitoral stimulation, fingers are necessary (or a pocket vibrator). In regards to position, it's important to choose one that's going to make your partner climax fast, too. Here are seven positions that will make sex go faster, so you're ready for your next quickie.


Doggy Style

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How to do it: While on all fours, have your partner get on their knees between your legs and penetrate you from there.

Why it makes sex go faster: Since doggy style is the most loved sex position, this has to be the case for some reason, right? It provides a deep penetration and women like it for the same reason because it stimulates the G-spot. If you want to make sex go faster, then this is the position that will do it faster than any other one out there.


Doggy With A Toy

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How to do it: Get into the same position as you would with traditional doggy style, but add a sex toy to the mix.

Why it makes sex go faster: Just like with regular doggy style, both depth and G-spot stimulation are involved. However, throwing a toy in there, especially one that stimulates the clitoris, is going to speed things up and all but promise you'll both climax.


Reverse Sitting

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How to do it: Have your partner sit on a chair, then mount them, while facing away, lowering yourself into their lap.

Why it makes sex go faster: It's a position that allows for really deep penetration and clit access.


The Plow

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How to do it: For this one, it might be best to start as if you're going to have missionary sex, then roll back, putting your legs up. From here, as your partner penetrates you, rest your legs on their shoulders.

Why it makes sex go faster: This position has super deep penetration combined with a level of dominance on the guy's part. They're pretty much in charge of this one, allowing themselves to speed up or slow down as much as they like. Of course what follows the speeding up is fast sex.


Anal Sex

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How to do it: Choose whatever position is most comfortable for you and your partner, then have them penetrate your ass instead of your vagina. Don't forget the lube, seriously.

Why it makes sex go faster: While anal does require some preparation (lube and relaxing your sphincter muscles), once your partner is in, the combination of the sensation and taboo factor could have things happening at record speed in no time for both of you.


Modified Doggy

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How to do it: While either starting in doggy style, then lowering yourselves down, or starting with you on your stomach, have your partner enter you from behind. It's like the lazy person's doggy style.

Why it makes sex go faster: Once again, we have position that allows the man to enter from behind. Also, for this one, there's an intimacy that let's you experience doggy style while kissing and being physical closer. If you're someone who gets highly turned on by kissing and intimacy, this is the position you want to make sex go fast.


X Marks The Spot

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How to do it: While lying flat on a surface and your legs up, have your partner penetrate you from a standing position. To give this position an even tighter sensation, cross your legs at your knees.

Why it makes sex go faster: Not only is this a deep position, but it's whoa nelly tight in there thanks to your crossed knees. Tightness, similar to deepness makes sex go lickety split.

When it comes to making sex go faster, the three things you need to keep in mind are depth, tightness, and entry from the behind (vaginal or anal). If you can get any or, ideally, all three of these into one position, then that's the stuff that makes sex go fast. It's just important to remember that there are two people involved in this fast sex and in order to close that pesky orgasm gap (and because you deserve it) make sure you orgasm, too.