7 Sex Positions To Try This Summer If You Want To Heat Things Up In Bed

by Laken Howard
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The official start of summer is just around the corner, and what better way to kick off the hottest season of the year than by resolving to make this summer the steamiest, sexiest one yet? Thankfully, there's no shortage of sultry summer sex positions that are perfect for this time of year, and if you want to get creative and experiment in bed, summer is a seriously opportune time to do so.

"Summer is the perfect time to experiment in bed because the electric energy of summer can translate into a lot of sexual desire," Dr. Lauren Brim, Doctor of Human Sexuality and founder of the Adult Play Mat. tells Bustle. "...and as we are generally working less and more relaxed, this higher state of relaxed arousal leads to better orgasms and more openness to experiment and discover new pathways and types of pleasure."

Discovering new kinds of pleasure? Sign me the heck up! If you want to spruce up your sex life this summer, here are seven sex positions that are pretty much guaranteed to keep things hot and heavy all season long.


Doggy Style With A Beach Ball

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If you're heading to the beach this summer, don't forget to pack a beach ball — because after you're done playing volleyball with your friends, it can be used by you and your partner as a handy prop during doggy style sex.

"If you and your partner want to have sex on the beach, there’s no better way than with a beach ball," Caleb Backe, health and wellness expert at Maple Holistics, tells Bustle. "Try spreading out a large beach towel, position your body over the beach ball, and have [your partner] enter from behind. This interesting take on doggy style is a great way to increase your pleasure and avoid the uncomfortable mess of sandy sex."


Standing Shower Sex

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TBH, having sex while standing up in the shower can be fun any time of year, but it's particularly refreshing and sexy during the hot and sticky summer months (just don't forget the lube).

"Getting it on in the bath or shower is a great way to stay cool and comfortable on those hot summer days," Tara Struyk, co-founder of Kinkly, tells Bustle. "Just be sure that your tub or shower is equipped with a slip-proof floor or mat and a sturdy bar you can grab onto if you need to. Also be sure to bring extra lube (silicone-based is best for playing in the water because it doesn't wash off) as water can wash away a lot of natural lubricant."


Bathtub Reverse Cowgirl

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If standing up in the shower sounds like more effort than you'd prefer, don't fret: you can still have super hot sex while lying down in the bathtub instead.

"Have [your partner] enter you from behind, but tell them to sit with their legs straight out while you kneel on top," Bethany Ricciardi, sex educator and relationship expert with Too Timid, tells Bustle. "Almost like the backwards cowgirl (pictured above), but [your partner] is sitting up with [their] back against the tub wall. Let the tub get filled with a little bit of water to keep things cool, and make sure you lean right into the pouring faucet, positioning it to fall right in between your legs. It will feel amazing as you ride [your partner]."


Straddling Chest-To-Chest In The Car

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If you and your partner are going on a road trip this summer, don't let the opportunity to have some steamy car sex slip by: pull over in a secluded spot, straddle your partner, and go for a totally different kind of ride.

"This is the best sex position for those hot summer nights without air conditioning," Brim says. "Crank up the AC in the car, find an abandoned place to park the car, and... climb on top of [your partner] in the back seat. Blow jobs and fingering become more interesting in this contained environment, and straddling your partner chest to chest is totally doable when the AC is going strong."



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If your partner tends to be on the sweatier side, Brim says, cowgirl sex is essential for summer: you're doing all the work — meaning your partner won't get all sweaty and drip on you — plus you can control the pace to ensure you have an amazing orgasm.

"When women are highly aroused they will want the dominant position of being on top so they can control penetration and grind against their partner's pelvis, stimulating not only the inside of the vagina, but the entire vulva," Brim says. "This position is also good when the weather is hot because both partners can cool off if the woman sits upright on her partner."


Standing Pool Sex

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If you're lucky enough to spend some alone time poolside with your partner this summer, take advantage of the sexy locale by leaning back against the pool wall, using your arms to stabilize yourself on the pool's edge, and have your partner hold your hips/legs as they enter you.

"There is no better place to have sex than in the pool when it's the peak of summer," Brim says. "The [receiving partner] must be very aroused and very wet to accomplish this position, and even so, take it slowly when entering, as the water of the pool washes away the slippery natural lubricant, but once you're in, you're good to go."


Sideways Splitter

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For a summer-friendly twist on the traditional Splitter position (pictured above), Ricciardi recommends lying on your side instead of on your back, using your forearm to prop yourself up, and then lifting your leg onto your partner's shoulder as they enter you on their knees.

"[The partner on top] will be able to perform deep penetration in this position while [the one receiving] can just relax and enjoy," Ricciardi says. "Your bodies aren't on top of each other heating things up, but the view is so sexy for you both! Turn on a fan to blow on the both of you to help keep things cool or perform this position on a nice, cold tile floor or in the bath."

Ultimately, the secret to amazing summer sex is simple: it's all about finding the perfect balance between keeping things figuratively as hot as possible, yet literally staying cool. So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner and start making this summer the steamiest one yet!