7 Signs You May Be Emotionally Unavailable

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Love requires you to connect with others on a deeper level. It involves things like allowing yourself to be vulnerable so you can form an intimate bond with your partner. But that isn't always easy. According to experts, some people may not be wired for love and there are a few explanations as to why.

Being wired for love basically means you have a mindset that's geared towards having a healthy and lasting relationship. "You innately seek connection in every form and will learn to develop a closeness by sharing and embracing the interests and feelings of your significant other," Margaux Cassuto, relationship expert and matchmaker, tells Bustle. In other words, you are emotionally available.

There are a lot of different things that can cause someone to be emotionally unavailable. But childhood can play a pretty big role in determining whether someone is wired for love or not.

"Childhood may affect one's emotional availability as an adult because there could have been trauma or an attachment disorder towards one or both parents," Cali Estes, PhD., therapist and founder of The Addictions Academy, tells Bustle. Because of that, they may have trouble connecting with a significant other now.

According to Estes, not being "wired" for love isn't the same as being a sociopath who "can't connect with others due to personality traits in the DSM-V which makes them completely emotionally devoid of feeling." Instead, it's more about issues from the past that cause you to have limiting beliefs about love.

So here are some signs you may not emotionally available, according to experts.