Videos On Feminism To Pair With Your Fave Doughnut

Thomas Kelley/Unsplash

You know what’s better than being an informed feminist? Being an informed feminist with a doughnut. If you’re looking to learn some more equality-centric facts — and honestly, who isn’t? — I’ve got a few short videos on feminism you’ll be able to watch in the time it takes you to eat a doughnut.

(Important Note: My doughnut-eating research is still inconclusive, but it usually takes me somewhere between three to five minutes, if I’m being generous with my self-control. Your mileage may vary depending on how quickly you eat and the complexity of your doughnut.)

While yes, feminism is as simple as the belief that all people are equal, there are plenty of more complex components that are important to keep in mind when you talk about feminism. Maybe you have questions on how to make your feminism more inclusive. Maybe you want to have more hard facts about gender inequality. Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the feminist waters or you’ve braved oceans on women’s rights, there is still a lot we can all learn.

Staying informed is one of the best ways to be a solid advocate for feminism. Because yes, people will still challenge the need for things like Women’s History Month or feminism as a whole. Having to justify the existence of feminism can be frustrating to say the least. But if you have an arsenal of knowledge to back you up, you’ll feel more confident the next time some asks if we “still need” feminism.

Check out a video or two while you enjoy a pastry or six, and we’ll all become a little more informed, one cronut at a time.

"Why I'm a Feminist" by Laci Green

Let’s start with Laci Green giving us life and a bunch of reasons why she is a feminist. Green is a sex positive YouTuber who is also a great resource for all the things your sex ed class forgot about.

Best paired with: a classic glazed doughnut. Because equality, like glazed doughnuts, should be loved and desired by all.

"On Intersectionality in Feminism and Pizza" by Akilah Hughes

Akilah Hughes explains intersectionality and its integral role in feminism using the universal language of pizza. If you're looking to learn more about gender, race, and their roles in pop culture and society, Akilah Hughes has your back.

Best paired with: a pizza doughnut. Yes, it exists.

"Timeline of Women's Suffrage Worldwide" by Encyclopaedia Britannica

This video from Encyclopaedia Britannica is an animated infographic showing the breakdown of women's voting rights across the world. Bonus props to this video being broken down by full voting rights, limited voting rights, and voting rights based on race. It's important to remember that the 19th Amendment and the suffragette movement historically excluded women of color.

Best paired with: a breakfast cereal doughnut. Mostly because this video is silent and the crunchiness of the doughnut will keep you company.

"Is the Gender Pay Gap Real?" by Vlogbrothers

If you only know John Green as the YA author, get familiar with the educational videos he makes with his brother, Hank Green, on the channels Crash Course and Vlogbrothers. In the video above, John explains that yes, the gender pay gap is real. Make sure to peruse the resources John links to in the description box for a more in depth look at the pay gap.

Best paired with: anywhere between 58 to 87 percent of a cruller.

"5 Tips for Being an Ally" by Franchesca Ramsey

This guide on how to be an effective ally by Franchesca Ramsey is great for all the cis dudes in your life who may need a little guidance. It’s also a great resource on how to be a good ally to any demographic you aren’t personally a part of. I've gushed about Ramsey before, and I'll gush about her again: If you're life is lacking a badass, brilliant woman, get to know Franchesca Ramsey.

Best paired with: a doughnut hole. Because it gives you a taste without stealing the show.

"Why Feminism Is Good for Men" by The Huffington Post

This video from Huffington Post gives a bunch of reasons why feminism helps men in about 90 seconds. Is the motivational background music a little over-the-top? Maybe. But it turns gendered rhetoric on its head and gives a quick overview on how women's rights are human rights.

Best paired with: as many of these mini-donuts you can eat in 90 seconds.

"8 Badass Feminists of Color You Should Know" by MTV News

In this video, the aformentioned Franchesca Ramsey and Laci Green combine feminist forces to talk about women of color you should know. This video is part of MTV's series Decoded, which examines social justice issues and pop culture with a healthy dose of humor.

Best paired with: literally any doughnut as long as you're wearing these female symbol-shaped doughnut earrings.