8 Meditations To Help You Chill Out During January’s Super Blood Moon


The first full moon of 2019 is one you won't to miss. Mark your calendars for Jan. 21, because on that night, a super blood moon is going to rise, and it's going to bring with it some energy you'll want to take advantage of. A super blood moon is something we don't get to see every single month, and it's generally considered more powerful than your regular old full moon. Harness all of that positive and restorative energy by performing some full moon rituals, including a meditation. While you can do any kind, there are some meditations for the January full moon that could be more beneficial than others.

This full moon is a total lunar eclipse that will be visible from all of North, Central, and South America. A lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes into the shadow of the Earth, making the normally white moon look red. When the moon goes from bright white to a darker, deeper red, it's mysterious and kind of exciting.

It's also a super moon, something that happens when the moon is full and is closest to Earth than any other point in its orbit, making it look larger and brighter. Combine the two, and you've got a super blood moon, which isn't exactly rare, but is still an interesting sight to see.

A lunar eclipse has a stronger effect on us astrologically-speaking than a typical full moon. It can influence our private lives, emotions, and instincts, putting us more in touch with your needs and intentions so that we can get a more clear picture of how we feel. But this super blood moon is also rising in Leo, a sign that loves to be the center of attention — so we'll also want to shine as well. In the end, one of the best ways to take advantage of all of this energy is to meditate, to really get in touch with ourselves. Below are a few meditations perfect for the super blood moon:


Clutter Clearing Your Energy

A full moon is the end of one lunar cycle, and is a good time to get rid of any negative energy so that you can move into something new. This meditation helps you clear away that negative energy you've been holding in, leaving you feeling refreshed.


Super Blood Moon in Leo Meditation

This meditation is focused on the energy from a super blood moon. It's an hour long, and it's ideal for anyone who isn't looking for something guided, as it is more of playlist of soothing meditation music.


Full Moon in Leo Meditation

This guided meditation is based on the energy you get from a full moon that rises in Leo. This full moon will remind you to focus on yourself and your needs, which this meditation can help you do.


Guided Meditation for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

This guided meditation is great for anyone who is short on time — it's only about 20 minutes long. It really focuses on helping you feel aware of all of your emotions during this super emotional full moon.


Leo Full Moon Meditation

This guided meditation is only a half hour long, and focuses on "the bold bravery of being constant in one's light, and the results to all of life when one is so." It focuses on the energy that comes from the Leo sign, something we'll feel during this full moon.


Full Moon Ritual Meditation

This is the ideal time to let go of whatever has been holding you back, which is exactly what this meditation will help you do. It's also going to help you manifest what you want in the future, and release what is no longer serving you. It also encourages 15 minutes of journaling time, something that can be helpful during a full moon.


Blood Moon and Eclipse Meditation

Only have five minutes to spare? No worries, this meditation is six minutes long. It's a sound meditation, meaning it's just music meant to help you clear your head and relax.


Powerful Lunar Sleep Guided Meditation

This sleep meditation will soothe you into a state of calm that will help you get a good night's rest, while you gain the energy to manifest your desires.