9 Disempowering Myths We're Taught About Work

Hannah Burton/Bustle

When we're growing up, there are a ton of different, often conflicting things we're taught about work. "Follow your dreams." "Be realistic." "Hard work can get you anywhere." "It's all about who you know." Many of these myths disempower us, and if you're a woman, you've likely heard more than your share of disempowering work myths.

"Disempowering work myths are beliefs and assumptions that we have adopted from friends, families, and the environment about how things work in the workplace that are simply not true and that limit us from being powerful at work," NYC-based executive coach Shefali Raina tells Bustle. "Understanding our disempowering myths about work and career is important because the awareness helps liberate us from our blind spots and flawed beliefs and helps us act differently to achieve greater impact at work and grow our careers."

Here are some myths we're taught about work that often prevent us from going after what we really want, lead us to settle, make us care about the wrong things, and ultimately — despite their intentions — hinder our success. And here's what you can believe instead so that you can shoot for the moon while remaining realistic about your career.