9 Sex Experts Reveal The One Position They Love The Most

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Sex experts have built their entire careers on studying the mysteries of sex and helping people achieve happy, satisfying sex lives. If you've ever wondered what the sex lives of these experts are actually like, I've got you covered. I talked to several sex experts to find out what their favorite sex positions are — and why. And believe me, you'll want to try a few of these out if you haven't already.

One common thing you might notice throughout the list is that many of the sex positions listed are beneficial to both partners. Meaning, it's not all about one partner or the other. Having great communication is also an important aspect to successfully doing certain positions, and building intimacy is another reason why experts like certain positions the most. You'll also see that they're not afraid to use sex toys with a partner during sex. If that's something you've wanted to try in bed — you should never be embarrassed to bring it up to your partner.

Ready to have sex like an expert? Below, sex coaches, sex therapists, sex educators, and authors reveal their favorite sex positions, from lazy ones to lap dances, and why they're so hot.


Elle Chase, certified sex educator and author of Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life tells Bustle her favorite position is called the 'Ohm'. "It delivers satisfyingly deep penetration while playing with two different angles," she says.

In this position, lay on your back and raise your legs in the air at a 90-degree angle. Your partner slides up to kneel right behind you holding your legs close to their chest and lines up their pelvis with yours. Then, they'll move your legs all the way to one side, while their torso remains in its original position.

Bonus Tip: "[You] might want to squeeze the PC muscles of [your] vagina during the position change to avoid the possibility of [your partner] slipping out," Chase says. "I’m getting warm just describing it!"


"My favorite position is spooning because who doesn’t love snuggling with their partner?" Stacy Rybchin, founder and CEO of My Secret Soiree and My Secret Luxury, a resource for pleasure-based sexual health and wellness education and discreet body-safe adult products, tells Bustle. "Since most women need clitoral stimulation, this position is the best of both worlds: penetration for your partner and clitoral stimulation from either your hand, your partner's hand, or a luxury vibrator."

Legs Up

"Legs up on side of bed is the number one for my wife and I, Steve McGough, DHS, associate professor of Clinical Sexology at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality tells Bustle. "The benefit is, women can achieve multiple deep vaginal and clitoral orgasms."

In this position, lay on your back on the side of your bed with a pillow under your butt. This causes your hips to tilt upwards. Your partner then takes your legs and pulls them up to their chest and enters you. Your hips and pelvis can be angled to maximize G-spot stimulation. Instead of thrusting, your partner holds your hips on each side and pushes your butt up and down while holding your pelvis tightly against theirs.

"This rocking motion causes both strong G-spot stimulation as well as rubs the clitoris against [your partner's] pelvis," McGough says. "This also gives room so that [you] can hold a Hitachi Magic Wand or similar device over [your] clitoris."

Sex On The Counter

"For romantic partners that are really hot and heavy for each other, I recommend sex on the counter," Noni Ayana M.Ed., Sexologist and Relationship Expert at E.R.I.S. Consulting LLC tells Bustle.

You can do it in the counter in your kitchen, the bathroom, or even a bedroom dresser. This works by be placing your body on the edge of the counter with your legs up, open and raised, and with your partner standing in front. This face-to-face encounter may lead to some serious visual stimulation. Not only do you have the advantage of viewing your partner full frontal in all of their glory, this type of visual stimulation may heighten your chances of orgasm.

"I also recommend this position because it encourages partners to be vulnerable with each other, due to bodies and facial expressions being fully exposed," Ayana says. "Intimacy is about experiencing varying levels of trust and vulnerability."


"My personal favorite position to orgasm in is being on top, preferably with my partner propped into a reclined sitting position," Tiffany Alyse Yelverton, Sex Educator, Coach, and founder of sexual wellness company, Entice Me, tells Bustle. "This is especially beneficial if [they are] on the smaller side. I love eye contact and for my lover to be able to watch my face and body as I orgasm."

The Lazy Sex Position

"My favorite is to have both my partner and I lay on our backs. Then I raise the leg closest to my partner and he rolls on his side towards me in order to insert his penis in my vagina," Dr. Kat Van Kirk, certified sex therapist and resident sex expert at Adam and Eve, tells Bustle.

This lazy sex position is great because neither partner needs to exert much energy, you get a great view, and you both have hand access to touch and stimulate each other, especially your clitoris. "We can still easily kiss and keep our action under the sheets if the kids surprise us," she says.

Lap Dance

"It can be incredibly sexy to relinquish a little control," Shadeen Francis, MFT, a marriage and family therapist specializing in sex therapy and social justice. That's why the Lap Dance is her favorite for building intimacy. In this position, your partner sits on a chair and has you sit back onto their lap, allowing you to really control their movement.

"[Your] partner has complete access to [your] neck, and their hands can freely roam all over [your] body for an intense sensory experience," Francis says.

Doggy Style

"My top choice would be doggy style," Christene Lozano, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Candidate tells Bustle. "This position stimulates the G-spot, and [your partner] has a free hand to massage the clitoris. It's a great combo! Plus, it is the perfect position for some hair pulling and playful spanking."

As you can see, all these positions are totally doable and some you may even do already. Incorporate more of these into your sex life and you can be having sex like a pro.