9 Gross But Necessary Things To Do Before Bed To Get A Better Sleep

You probably already have a set nighttime routine that you follow in order to get ready for bed. And it may even include a few out-there habits that help you wind down and relax. But if you've been having trouble sleeping, or have been waking up feeling unrefreshed, it may be time to try a few tips to get even better sleep.

The most important thing to do, as recommended by many sleep experts, is to practice good sleep hygiene. That means going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, and making sure your bedroom is set up for optimal sleep. For example, you'll want to keep your bedroom cool and dark, block out any street noise, and make sure that you put your phone and/or laptop away well before you plan to pass out.

Sleep hygiene is all about winding down, relaxing, and sticking to a schedule. "Our bodies and minds respond well to routine," Mike Kisch, sleep expert and CEO/co-founder of Beddr, tells Bustle. "The more consistent we can be in the time we go to bed and the time we wake up, the more we train our bodies and our circadian rhythms." And the more rested we feel. But it never hurts to add in a few extra rituals, such as these weird, interesting, and even slightly gross nighttime tips and tricks that can help you sleep better, according to experts.