9 Scorching Hot Positions To Try On National Sex Day

by Laken Howard

In case you were unaware, June 9 marks National Sex Day, which means you now have the perfect excuse to try out some hot sex positions with your partner. Obviously, you don't need a reason to spend all day in bed having a sex marathon — that's always a good idea — but still, it's nice to have a holiday specifically designed to celebrate having an active, healthy sex life.

"Sex is often seen as something we outgrow or can easily go without, but sexuality and intimacy are an expression of our life force, creativity and love, and must be expressed to be fully realized as a people," Lauren Brim, a sexual wellness coach and author of The New Rules of Sex, tells Bustle. "If our sexuality isn't being expressed, it will show up as problems in other areas of our body and life. Plus, sex is just too damn good for you to live your life without it!"

No matter how long you've been with your current partner, it's always fun to experiment in bed and try out new positions to break the monotony. So if you want to take your sex game to the next level, here are nine scorching hot sex positions to try in honor of National Sex Day (aka my new favorite holiday).


Mutual Masturbation

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

Who says National Sex Day has to be all about penetrative sex? If you're feeling the self-love, mutual masturbation is a low-pressure but super intimate way to get off. All you have to do is lie next to your partner (preferably in a position where you can both watch each other) and do your thing. It's both empowering — because you're literally taking your pleasure into your own hands — and educational, because you're able to watch and learn how your partner likes to be touched. Plus, you can always move from solo to partnered sex after you finish!


The Splitter

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This position is perfect for deep penetration, though you do have to be a *little* flexible to hold this position for a long time. Lie down on your back while your partner straddles one of your legs, then whichever leg is not being straddled gets lifted and rests on your partner's shoulder or chest. The result? A great angle that allows your partner to thrust super deep (and a good workout for one of your legs, too).


Doggy With Vibrator

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Although regular doggy is more than satisfactory as is, it's National Sex Day, so why not go all out and add a sex toy to the mix? While your partner enters you from behind, you can use one of your hands to hold a small vibrator on your clitoris, which will ensure that you reach orgasm in record time.


Leaning Cowgirl

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Cowgirl is great because of its versatility: you can experience so many different angles and sensations depending on how you position and pace yourself. While in standard cowgirl, lean back and place your hands behind you (on either side of your partner's legs) and then rock your pelvis back and forth. The angle is great for your G-spot and provides access to your clitoris, so it's a double-win.


Seated Oral

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Sometimes you're just ~in the mood~ for some good old-fashioned oral sex. Although you can't beat the mutual satisfaction of 69'ing, it's also nice to just sit back and enjoy being pleasured by your partner once in a while. In seated oral, simply sit on the edge of a bed or chair while your partner kneels in front of you and goes down on you.


Three-Legged Dog

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If you don't have access to a bed on National Sex Day (or if you just feel like some standing sex), the three-legged dog is a worth trying out. All you have to do is lean your back against a wall, separate your legs, and put one leg over your partner's hip while they enter you. It's intimate because you're face-to-face with your partner, but it also has the appeal of feeling more adventurous than traditional lying-down-in-bed-sex.



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If regular on-top sex doesn't cut it for you, the lotus position brings a more intimate twist. Have your partner sit cross-legged on the bed (or floor), then lower yourself onto them while wrapping your arms and legs around them. Because you're so closely intertwined, there's plenty of hot friction, plus you're face-to-face which means plenty of opportunity for a steamy makeout session.


The Proposal

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No, not THAT kind of proposal. For the sexier version of a proposal, have you partner get down on one knee (sans engagement ring), while you, on both knees, inch close enough for your partner to penetrate you. Fair warning: if you're on the floor, you might want to put a towel down so you don't get rug burn on your knees mid-sex.


Sideways Straddle

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Another adventurous position to try out for National Sex Day? The sideways straddle, aka cowgirl with a ~sideways~ twist. Have your partner lie on their back with one knee bent, then you straddle that leg while lowering yourself onto them (facing their thigh). From there, just rock back and forth as usual. This position can be tricky to get the hang of, but it's worth it, because your clitoris will get plenty of attention as you grind away on your partner.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, be sure to spend National Sex Day treating yourself and your partner to an orgasm (or more than one). And if you're single or have a long-distance bae, now you have all the more reason to engage in some solo sex today.

Image: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle