The 9 Netflix Original Holiday Movies You Need To Watch This Season

Photo by Cos Aelenei / Netflix

'Tis the season for holiday cheer! Well, almost. Pretty soon, after all the cobwebs and gravestones of spooky season are gone, it'll be time to sit down and enjoy some winter holiday flicks. And with all the Netflix original holiday movies available now and over the next month or so, you'll have such a great selection to pick from. Most of them can be described as romantic comedies or family fun movies, but all will definitely fill you with that warm feeling you'll need during the colder months.

Whether you're looking for a movie to make you feel better during some of the more brutal parts of the year, or want to hype up that Christmas feeling you suppress the other 10 months out of the year, these Netflix originals will help you out ASAP. Odds are, you might have seen a couple of these already, but it might be time for a rewatch. Much like with their Halloween originals, Netflix continues to raise the Holiday bar and produce quality content for fans of the streaming services. If you're not into cheesiness, they might not all be for you, but nothing truly beats a good holiday film.

Netflix already has a handful of original winter holiday films on its roster, but the site will also be dropping new holiday movies left and right this November. But rest assured, every one of these 9 original Netflix holiday movies will hit the spot when it comes to what you want for Christmas (at least where movies are involved).


'Christmas Inheritance' — Now Streaming

Christmas Inheritance tells the classic story of a snotty heiress that becomes a better person thanks to a small town and a mysterious man. This movie is about Ellen, a woman who is going to inherit a big company from her father, who sends her to Snow Falls to meet with her uncle to prepare her. But thanks to a snow storm and some other unexpected twists, it doesn't turn out as planned.


'A Christmas Prince' — Now Streaming

One of the most talked about Christmas movies from last year is Netflix's A Christmas Prince. It's about a journalist who goes to a foreign country in search of a story about the local bad boy prince. Instead of getting the scoop her editor wants, she falls in love. A cozy watch, indeed.


'Home: For The Holidays' — Now Streaming

Based off of the DreamWorks movie Home, this Christmas movie takes Oh and puts him in the holiday spirit. When trying to introduce the other Boovs to the holiday, he sets off some unfortunate events.


'El Camino Christmas' — Now Streaming

El Camino Christmas has many familiar names, including Dax Shepherd, Tim Allen, and Jessica Alba. It's a hilarious crime comedy set around Christmas — just don't expect any snow, this movie is set in the desert.


'A Very Murray Christmas' — Now Streaming

A fun, scripted holiday special which came out a couple years ago (before Netflix originals was the massive success they are now), A Very Murray Christmas has many, many, many celebrity cameos and cast members. And while there is a plot, the movie is really just fun because you get to watch all these people interact.


'The Holiday Calendar' — Nov. 2

Not wasting much time after Halloween, Netflix is going to premiere their first new holiday film of 2018 in early November. The Holiday Calendar stars Kat Graham as a young photographer struggling to get her life started. That is, until her family's magic calendar starts granting all her wishes and gives her the confidence, and luck, she needs.


'The Princess Switch' — Nov. 16

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

In a new retelling of the classic story The Prince and The Pauper, The Princess Switch is bound to be a Christmas classic, especially if you love Vanessa Hudgens. She plays two separate characters — a duchess and a commoner — who switch places in order to see how the other half lives. Of course, things get kind of tricky when they each fall in love with a man in each other's lives.


'The Christmas Chronicles' — Nov. 22

There are many movies about Santa, but this Mr. Claus is a little less refined, and a little more "real." Kurt Russell stars as Jolly Ole St. Nick in The Christmas Chronicles, but he's not like any Santa you've seen before.


'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding' (Nov. 30)

After you watch A Christmas Prince, make sure to turn on Netflix Nov. 30 to watch the sequel, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. Netflix announced the highly anticipated follow-up to their Christmas hit during the actual royal wedding this year (you know, the one between Prince Harry and Meghan Markel), and the teaser shows a little sneak peek at where Amber and Richard are now. Based on the trailer, the sequel is going to feature cold feet, country conflicts, and of course, Christmas. Who could ask for more?

Netflix is certainly upping their game this year when it comes to Holiday originals, and Christmas time really can't come soon enough.