Jaclyn Hill Teased More Than Just An Eyeshadow Palette For Her Debut Line & OMG

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's been no secrets about the fact that Jaclyn hill has been working on her own makeup line for years. Between collaborations with a major brand like BECCA Cosmetics and a hugely successful palette launch with Morphe, Hill has had a lot going on. However, a Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics collection could be well on its way if you've seen one of her most recent tweets and previous, gorgeous teases of new products.

On Tuesday, Hill took to all of her social media platforms to showcase what appears to be new swatches from an eyeshadow palette. If you're a major fan of the popular beauty guru (like really popular. She's got more than 5 million subscribers), you may already know that she teased shadows a few days ago. What makes these new hues different? It was the message she included with them on her Twitter account.

On Hill's Snapchat and Instagram, she simply swatched what appear to be the fall's most perfect shades of olives and browns in a variety of finishes. Accompanying the swatches, however, was a tweet that read, "Are you ready for this collection?' Yes, fans, Hill didn't just say palette or collaboration. She said full on collection.

In the image posted to her Twitter, fans can clearly see gorgeous browns, olives, and navy hues along what seems to be Hill's arm. The finishes appear to be a mix of matte and shimmer shades, and honestly, they all look so Hill.

If you've been following the gurus for a bit, you'll have heard her talk about her love of "puke" hued shades. The gurus loves them so much that she even named a shade in her Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette "pukey." There's something else that's notable about these shades, too.

In a video posted to her channel a few months ago, Hill walked her fans through her foundation routine. As the video was only focused on her skin, Hill did her eye makeup off camera. There was, however, an exciting note in her description box that revealed that she was wearing her Jaclyn Hill x Mrophe palette plus, "other things I'm working on ;)" Those shades on her eyes certainly look similar to the ones in her arm swatches.

This also isn't Hill's first tease, and now that she's revealed that what many thought would be a Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics palette is actually a full collection, there seems to be a theme to the swatches.

While these do all appear to be eyeshadow shades, their groupings are worth note. Her latest swatches are definitely on the deeper side and focus on olive shades. The first shades (which were swatched on two different arms) feature a lineup of warm red and oranges while the other row seems to focus on more jewel tones and purples. Is the first Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics collection a line-up of different eyeshadow palettes? It certainly seems like that could be the case.

No matter what, though, fans are here for whatever she's got coming.

Fans caught on to the fact that Hill called the latest swatches a collection.

They're excited to see diversity of shades from Hill's line.

They are so ready to get their hands on it.

After all, Hill has been working on Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics for years. Now, it seems like all of her hard work and dedication is coming to fruition. As for when fans will see the full extent of what she's working on? There's been no word, but she did tell a fan on Twitter that it will be debuting in June. Start saving your pennies now, fans, because Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics' first collection is coming.