You Need To Watch Adam Rippon Break Down Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson's Relationship

If you're struggling to understand the celebrity couple that is "Grandson," then you need Adam Rippon's Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson relationship timeline in your life. America's sweetheart and champion Olympic figure skater Rippon's play-by-play for Cosmopolitan is hilarious and informative. Using a series of props which consists of photos attached to Popsicle sticks, the figure skater unravels the cloud conspiracy, offers his version of Cazzie David's hot take, and even charts Davidson's tattoos. The video is truly a work of art.

Rippon starts with Grande's split from Mac Miller, before seguing into the matching cloud phone cases that tipped Twitter off to the fact that something could be brewing between the celebs. The Olympian admits that he failed to see the significance at first. But it wasn't long until he realized that Grande fans do their due diligence when it comes to research.

Looking back, the clouds were clearly a sign that Grande and Davidson were about to become a thing. From there, Rippon moves on to riff on Davidson's assortment of Grande-inspired tattoos, the — ahem — BDE, and Cazzie David's post-breakup trip to Africa. Much like everyone else, Rippon seems to believe that David is living her best life. This is the woman who hilariously dead-panned, "I've been in Africa, what have I missed?" Seriously, the world needs more of David's wit. And her cute lion photos.

It's at this point that the video becomes truly magical. Rippon uses his Davidson prop to illustrate the comedian's tattoos. He does this by straight up drawing a hand on the man's forehead. What did the world do to deserve someone as epic as Rippon?

By the end of the video, he circles back to the ultimate question — when exactly did Grande and Davidson get together? Rippon is just as confused as everyone else on this point. The video is about the journey, though, so the lack of a definitive answer doesn't take away from his thorough examination of the couple currently known as Grandson.

After watching the video, you may find yourself wishing Rippon could break down every celebrity relationship using props and his considerable charm. Well, he hasn't done all of the celebs just yet, but he did commentate on the royal wedding for Cosmo. That's right, World, there is a video featuring Rippon and royal family props. You definitely need his take on what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were thinking on their big day in your life. (Seriously, his thoughts on Prince Philip alone are worth the watch.)

Rippon won a bronze medal in the team event at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Not only did he show the world that he's an incredible athlete, he also endeared himself to the American public. In February, when People asked the Olympian what's next for him, he responded,

I know the next thing off the ice for me is to take off this sweaty hot-mess costume, but then after that, who knows? They usually say that after the Olympic Games, somebody's life changes forever and a lot of times it's the gold medalist. But I have a feeling that my life has changed forever.

Since then, he's been a busy man. In addition to serving up expert commentary on celebrity relationships, Rippon has become an LGBT icon, joined Dancing With the Stars, and had his share of memorable celebrity interactions. His post-Olympics life is proving to be one where he's in the spotlight, and doing his share of good by simply being himself.

The athlete's latest gift to the internet is his astute dissection of the Grande and Davidson timeline, but who knows what's next for Rippon? Anyone who can untangle the web that is Grandson's relationship has a bright future ahead of them, because the timeline is still so confusing.