Obviously, Fans Caught All Of These Painfully Awkward Moments At The Grammys

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The Grammy Awards are music's biggest night, but they might just be the industry's most awkward as well. While there were plenty of exciting performances and unforgettable big wins on Sunday night, it was the awkward moments from the 2019 Grammy Awards that will truly live on in our minds — and on the internet — for eternity (or at least for the next week). After all, even the most meticulously planned live events have to endure a few hiccups now and then.

Whether it was Charlie Puth's stilted interview with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, or Lady Gaga shutting down the E! host for awkwardly ending their interview, all of the night's most uncomfortable moments helpfully reminded us that even the coolest celebrities find themselves in relatable awkward situations. Clearly, no amount of money will keep you safe from having to endure all of the awkward questions in your own life.

So now that the awards are being handed out, and the winners will soon be happily celebrating at the afterparties, you can relive all of the weird, tense moments that made up music's biggest night.

Besides, everyone knows that it's the weird, meme-able moments that really make life worth living — and awards shows worth watching.

Ryan Seacrest's Interview With Charlie Puth

Plenty of red carpet interviews can come off a little bit awkward and stilted, but when the E! host spoke to Puth, fans couldn't help but notice that the singer seemed as if he just didn't want to be there, despite Seacrest's best efforts:

Lady Gaga Called Out Ryan Seacrest's Lack Of A Question

Gaga's interview with Seacrest might have gotten off to a good start, but things ended with an awkward pause after the host attempted to get the singer to confirm that she will be performing at the Grammy Awards. "Up next is the Oscars, and a live performance," Seacrest said, trailing off. That prompted Gaga to point out, "You're like, 'Answer my question, but I'm not asking you one.'" She also decided to ham it up for the cameras while Seacrest threw to commercial, jokingly pulling shocked faces while he set up the break.

Cardi B & Offset Share Some ... Extreme PDA

The question of Cardi B and Offset's relationship status has been one of the greatest ongoing mysteries of our time, but the pair appeared to set rumors of a reconciliation to rest when they arrived at the Grammy Awards together. And just in case anyone had any questions, they decided to touch tongues together in front of the cameras, just so nobody had any remaining questions.

The Clumsy Transition After Childish Gambino's First Win

Live television is never completely problem-free — especially when the artist who just won a Grammy isn't actually attending the awards. After Childish Gambino won Song of the Year, host Alicia Keys accepted the award on his behalf, before being awkwardly guided by the production team to a different part of the stage. Making things even more awkward, Keys attempted to keep the show's energy up by just repeating "Childish!" over and over as she moved to her next mark.

Alicia Keys Didn't Realize The Show Came Back From Commercial

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Unfortunately, that wasn't the only awkward moment that Keys had to endure as host. At one point, the show came back from commercial, cutting to an image of Keys standing on the stage, holding a microphone ... and talking to someone off camera. Hey, at least viewers knew it was definitely live!

Drake's Acceptance Speech Got Cut Off

Despite not walking the red carpet, the rapper surprised fans at the Grammys when he appeared onstage to accept the award for Best Rap Song for "God's Plan." During his speech, though, Drake told aspiring musicians watching at home that they shouldn't put their stock in awards, explaining that show business is an "opinion-based sport," and telling them that "you’ve already won if you have people singing your songs word for word."

Unfortunately, fans think the Recording Academy didn't exactly appreciate the rapper's frank speech, as he was cut off and the show quickly cut to commercial. According to social media users inside the venue, the rapper's mic was cut off inside the show as well, seemingly encouraging him to leave the stage. Naturally, Twitter was quick to comment on the weirdness:

Cardi B Took Offset Onstage With Her To Accept Her Award

Between their PDA-packed walk down the red carpet and Offset's meme-inspiring appreciation of Cardi's performance, it's clear that Cardi B and Offset were willing to put their breakup behind them. Unfortunately, not all of her fans felt the same way, making for an incredibly confused response when Cardi took the Migos star onstage with her to accept the Grammy for Best Rap Album.

Clearly, Cardi B's fans are going to need a little more time.

Diana Ross Asked The Audience To Sing & Got Rebuffed

The legendary Motown singer performed two of her famous songs as part of a celebration to her 75th birthday, but when she decided to have the audience get involved, things didn't quite work out the way she planned. Though Jaden Smith was more than happy to sing along to Ross' debut solo single, "Reach Out And Touch," the next person that Ross asked to sing didn't know the words, leaving the musical icon standing awkwardly in front of her before continuing to make her way through the arena.

Dua Lipa's Acceptance Speech Was Cut Off

The "New Rules" singer took home one of the biggest awards of the night — Best New Artist — but her touching, inspirational speech got cut off before she finished. While encouraging her fans to embrace the things about them that make them different, the Grammys began playing Lipa off stage. Though she tried her best to keep talking over the orchestra, the singer was eventually cut off mid-sentence, and the show immediately went to commercial, ruining her big moment.

Academy President Neil Portnow Brought The Mood Down

When the Grammys returned from commercial after playing off Dua Lipa, the Recording Academy's president, Neil Portnow — who famously said last year that female musicians needed to "step up" in order to earn more nominations — took to the stage to deliver a long speech about his accomplishments as Academy president. To say that people weren't thrilled is probably an understatement ...

Alicia Keys Noted That All Of The Winners Were Being Played Off

As host, Keys had the honor of presenting the final two awards of the night — and after presenting Record of the Year to Childish Gambino's "This Is America," she also had the unenviable task of pointing out that all of the winners were getting played off the stage at the end of the night. "These speeches are getting shorter," she remarked, before presenting Album of the Year to Kacey Musgraves (who also got her speech cut short by the orchestra).

Diana Ross' Daughter Was Caught On The Phone

The Grammys can always be counted on to create plenty of new memes and Internet jokes, and this years' awards were no exception. Let us all celebrate Rhonda Ross Kendrick, who gifted us with 2019's best reaction meme:

As awkward and weird as some of these moments may have been, it's hard to imagine the Grammy awards any other way. Hopefully next year's show will be just as cringe-worthy and bizarre as the 2019 Grammys.