Here’s Every Easter Egg You Missed In The Jonas Brothers’ “Cool” Video

The Jonas Brothers may be "suckers," but they're also feeling pretty "Cool" about it, as their new single and music video indicates. But their newest single isn't just about showing off their new chill vibe, it's also about looking back at what brought them there. In fact, the Jonas Brothers' "Cool" music video is full of references and Easter eggs. And, honestly, it's a gift to fans who have been following them since their Disney days. Even if you're newer to the JoBro fandom thanks to their recent reunion, the Easter eggs in "Cool" will make you realize that you're more invested in Kevin, Joe, and Nick's lives than you had previously thought.

It may only be April 5, but the Jonas Brothers are serving up some "song of the summer" goodness with "Cool." The music video takes place poolside and at the beach, and is full of summer fun. In the video, the brothers get their '80s on with their Miami Vice-like attire; boomboxes, and nods to Duran Duran's "Rio" and Elton John's "I'm Still Standing."

Thanks to these 1980s tributes and the obvious "cool" and "hot" parallels, fans are convinced that "Cool" is a sequel to their 2008 song "Burnin' Up." And, as the video highlights, the Jonas Brothers are certainly embracing their past hit — as well as everything else that's brought them to this point of "feeling so cool."

So as you listen to their new single on repeat, soak up the Jonas Brothers' "Cool" vibes with all of these fun references.



You gotta listen closely, but when the guys are being offered to take the Ferrari in the very beginning of the video, you can hear "Sucker" in the background with Joe singing, "I've been dancin' on top of cars and stumblin' out of bars, I follow you through the dark, can't get enough."


Priyanka Chopra

At one point in the track, Nick sings, "I'm feelin' high like a late night summer of last year." He got engaged to his wife Priyanka Chopra in summer 2018, and he's apparently still riding high on that feeling.


Red Dress

The Jonas Brothers sang about a "red dress" in "Burnin' Up," and red dresses are even more meaningful to Nick now that Chopra wore red for their Hindu wedding ceremony and rocked a Dior red dress as one of her reception gowns, so it makes sense that on "Cool" he'd sing, "Standin' there with the red dress on ya."


Rick Lava

Joe's Miami Vice-inspired persona from his Hot Tropic spoof in the "Burnin' Up" music video appears to make a comeback in "Cool." And note that Joe can grow his own mustache now.


"From Top To The Bottom"

As the brothers have documented in multiple interviews over the years — like Kevin in this Oprah Winfrey interview in 2006 to Joe in this Forbes interview a decade later — "Live like you're at the bottom, even if you're at the top" is a family motto taught to them by their dad, so this lyric could be a reference to the attitude that's kept them going all these years.



Nick didn't pass on the chance to bust out his actual fragrance that he collaborated on with John Varvatos, JVxNJ, while singing "Maybe I should bottle my moves."


Post Malone

Post Malone referenced the Jonas Brothers in "Better Now," so it's only right that they return the favor, singing, "I feel like Post Malone when I get home."


'Game Of Thrones'

Nick wasn't the only one to reference the love in his life on "Cool." In his verse, Joe sings, "Winning like it's Game Of Thrones," a clear nod to his fiancée Sophie Turner.


'Last Year Was Complicated'

Nick's 2016 solo album, Last Year Was Complicated, gets a shoutout from his brother Joe with the line, "How complicated was last year?"


The Guitar Strap

The brothers who share guitar straps together, stay together.


Kevin & His Birds

Joe and Nick get the most screentime, but Camp Rock fans will love that Kevin becomes a human birdhouse in "Cool," something his character in the Disney Chanel Original Movie was very passionate about.

Besides Easter eggs and references to their past projects and lives, "Cool" also has a ton of pop culture moments to pick up on. So you'll be able to feel just as cool as the Jonas Brothers with every reference you discover in their new song.

Correction: The headline for this piece has been updated to accurate state the title of the video "Burnin' Up."