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The coronavirus outbreak has greatly altered American life. Many people are working remotely, just about everyone is practicing social distancing, and in many states, citizens have been encouraged to stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary to go out. With everyone cooped up in their houses and apartments, many are turning to Netflix in order to avoid cabin fever. Thankfully, the streaming service offers new content almost daily, and there are several new movies & shows on Netflix this week that will make self-quarantining a little more bearable.

As usual, Netflix is streaming a diverse mix of entertainment to help you through this trying week. As a bit of a change from the norm, most of the site's offerings this week consist of outside films rather than Netflix originals. There are loads of classic and nostalgic movies hitting the service, so if you're longing for the comfort of something familiar, Netflix has you covered. There are also a few original offerings as well, in case you're in the mood for something you've never seen before.

Bustle has selected the nine best new offerings from Netflix this week, and you can find out more about each of them below. There's also a full list of everything that will be available this week at the end.

1. 'Clueless'

One of the funniest comedies of the '90s, Clueless still holds up 25 years later. Sure, the fashion, slang, and cell phones are all horribly outdated, but the story about a high schooler opening her eyes to those around her is a timeless tale, which can partly be credited to the fact the movie is an interpretation of Jane Austen's classic novel, Emma.

Streaming June 1.

2. 'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial'

The highest-grossing film ever at the time of its release in 1982, E.T. still ranks as one of the most beloved science-fiction movies ever made. Steven Spielberg's story of a wayward alien who befriends a young boy will always be able to tug at the heartstrings — while also giving you a serious hankering for some Reese's Pieces.

Streaming June 1.

3. 'Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story'

Given this movie's infamously atrocious box office performance, there's a pretty good chance that you didn't see it when it first hit theaters in 2007. That's a shame, but you should make amends by watching it now because the Judd Apatow-produced parody of musician biopics is one of the funniest films ever made. An elite cast and an astounding number of jokes are crammed into the story of Dewey Cox, and you owe it to yourself to give it a watch.

Streaming June 1.

4. 'Westside Story'

Stephen Spielberg's remake of this classic musical is set to hit theaters this December, but you should definitely familiarize yourself with the 1961 original before then (which was itself based on the 1957 Broadway show of the same name). The love story between members two rival New York gangs is definitely dated and over-simplified, but it's still plenty entertaining (snaps fingers rhythmically).

Streaming June 1.

5. 'Lady Bird'

Greta Gerwig's directorial debut was one of the most critically-acclaimed films of 2017, and now you've got the chance to see why. The film's story about a mother-daughter relationship features impeccable writing and standout performances from stars Saorise Ronan and Laurie Metcalf. And even though the film isn't an outright comedy, it also features plenty of laughs to go along with its pathos.

Streaming June 3.

6. 'Hannibal'

Never a ratings monster, this Mads Mikkelsen-starring drama series about the Silence of the Lambs villain was a critical darling that boasted a dedicated fanbase during its three season-run on NBC, and now it's headed to Netflix. You can stream all 39 episodes of the series, which ended its run on NBC back on 2015, so break open a bottle of Chianti and get to it!

Streaming June 5.

7. '13 Reasons Why': Season 4

13 Reasons Why is a series that earned a good deal of both acclaim and controversy in its first season, but its second and third season failed to create much hype at all — good or bad. Now entering its final season, it remains to be seen whether the show will end on a high note or peter out as yet another forgotten Netflix original.

Streaming June 5.

8. 'Queer Eye': Season 5

With everyone addicted to the news as of late — and it's pretty much all bad news — sometimes it helps to unplug and watch something joyful and low stress. And if you're feeling a little stressed, then Queer Eye is the perfect show with which to unwind. The boys are back for another season of feel-good makeovers that will make you cry happy tears for once, instead of sad ones.

Streaming June 5.

9. 'Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj': Volume 6

If you're feeling overwhelmed by everything that's going on in the world — and let's face it, you almost definitely are — then allow the former Daily Show comedian to help you make sense of it all. Minhaj is one of the sharpest voices in the political satire game, and if you've missed hearing his take on things, then your day has arrived.

Streaming June 7.

Streaming June 1 - June 7

June 1

Act of Valor

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Bad News Bears

Cape Fear


Cardcaptor Sakura: Clow Card

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura Card


Cocomelon: Season 1

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

The Healer

Inside Man

Lust, Caution

Observe and Report


The Silence of the Lambs

Starship Troopers

The Boy

The Car

The Disaster Artist

The Help

The Lake House

The Queen


V for Vendetta

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

West Side Story

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan


June 2

Alone: Season 6

Fuller House: The Farewell Season - Netflix Original

Garth Brooks: The Road I’m On: Season 1

True: Rainbow Rescue - Netflix Family

June 3

Lady Bird

Killing Gunther

Spelling the Dream - Netflix Documentary

June 4

Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga — Netflix Anime

Can You Hear Me? / M’entends-tu? - Netflix Original

June 5

13 Reasons Why: Season 4 — Netflix Original

Choked: Pasai Bolta Hai — Netflix Film

Hannibal: Seasons 1-3

The Last Days of American Crime - Netflix Film

Queer Eye: Season 5 - Netflix Original

June 6

Queen of the South: Season 4

June 7

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 6 — Netflix Original

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