This Video From Amy Schumer's Wedding Will Make You Laugh — And Maybe Even Shed A Tear

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Two weeks after her surprise nuptials, Amy Schumer shared her wedding video on Instagram on Wednesday, Feb. 28. No surprise, the clip revealed that Schumer's wedding vows are as funny as she is. Not to mention, adorably sentimental. Whether they were tears from laughing too hard or just regular ol' tears of joy, there wasn't a dry eye at that beautiful Malibu ceremony.

In the clip, which featured a bluegrass version of "Rainbow Connection" by the Los Angeles group The Get Down Boys, Schumer and her new husband, Chris Fischer, are seen reading their own vows. Fischer's came straight from the heart. "I love you, Amy," he said, his voice getting a little shaky as he reads off a piece of paper. "You bring happiness and joy to every part of my life. You are the best thing to ever happen to me.” There was an audible "aww" from the couple's 80 guests, which included famous friends like Jake Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Lawrence, who wore an old red carpet dress. Just so it's clear, this officially means the rest of us can repeat our favorite looks for any upcoming weddings.

Not to be outdone, Schumer started her self-written vows with a joke. “I just wanted to plug some of my road dates,” she said, getting a big laugh from the crowd. But soon enough she was also getting a little teary over Fischer, who she reportedly started dating in November 2017.

“People are wondering, ‘Why the rush?’" Schumer said, reading off a couple of index cards. "And it’s because I truly cannot wait another second to be your wife — I love you.” No, you're crying.

Schumer has spent the days since her surprise Feb. 13 wedding sharing photo albums of her big day on Instagram that feature her sister Kim Caramele in tears. (See? No one left this wedding with a dry eye.) But, this video gives a behind the scenes look at the private ceremony, which was officiated by comedian John Early dressed in drag.

It makes it feel like you're right there with Schumer as she poses with her besties Lawrence and Chelsea Handler, and chats with Larry David, whose wedding look is very casual, by the way. The sweetest moment might be the final shots of her wedding video in which Fischer helps Schumer put on her sweater before they share a kiss along the shoreline. Yep, it's all pretty lovely.

One thing the video did leave out, though, was a blow job joke from Schumer. According to E! News, when Schumer appeared on her bestie Nikki Glaser's SiriusXM show, You Up with Nikki Glaser, she revealed, “In my vows I go, ‘But I promise I’ll keep going down on you, even though everyone tells me I won’t.'" Wonder why that one didn't make the wedding video?

Turns out, thought, there were other jokes, G-rated ones, that didn't make the cut for this video. On her show, Glaser said there was one joke from Schumer's vows that was her favorite. "I remember a joke from yours," Glaser said. "You go, ‘You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me feel loved, you make me food.'" That food is probably no joke since Fischer is a chef.

But, Schumer, her own harshest critic, wasn't that impressed by her vows. "Mine sucked!" she told Glaser. "I thought mine were good, I wrote mine in like, 20 minutes. I was crying when I wrote them, but his blew me out of the water so hard."

While no one should be judging whose vows were better, it's clear from this video how much these two really love each other. Now all Schumer's Instagram follower know just how much, too.