Andy Samberg Wants A 'This Is Us'/'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Crossover & Honestly, SAME

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After a barrage of fan backlash to the news that Fox had canceled Andy Samberg's cop sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, NBC swooped in and picked up the show's sixth season. Samberg is already answering questions about the surprise renewal, and it sounds like he'll be perfectly at home on NBC. During the network's upfronts event on Monday, Samberg told Entertainment Tonight he'd love the This Is Us cast to cameo on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, now that the two shows are on the same network.

When ET asked Samberg who he'd love to have guest star on the show in the future, he said he'd love to have "the entire cast of This Is Us" appear on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Samberg also pointed out that Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall Pearson on This Is Us, did guest star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Samberg added that Brown was "so good" in his guest role. (Brown appeared in Season 5's episode "The Box" last month.)

Samberg also clarified that the cameo didn't have to be a crossover, per se — he suggested having the This Is Us stars "one-by-one walk through the back of a shot." It would be a lot to pull off, but stranger things have happened in the TV world, so you never know.

And while Samberg didn't suggest a crossover specifically, it wouldn't be too much of a reach for the Pearsons to appear in character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Randall lives close to New York and used to work in the city, so it's totally plausible that he'd run into some of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters. And Fox did a New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover, so there's precedent for the police sitcom joining forces with other shows.

Brown having appeared on Brooklyn Nine-Nine before would make things a little more complicated, but there's precedent for that, too. After all, the Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder crossover happened, and Liza Weil played two very different characters on both shows. Plus, the various American Horror Story seasons are connected, despite the fact that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters have played plenty of different characters. So if Brown appeared on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Randall, fans probably wouldn't be too upset, continuity-wise.

In fact, ever since NBC picked Brooklyn Nine-Nine up, fans have called for crossovers with a number of other NBC shows. Fans asked for a Will & Grace / Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover after seeing a photo of some Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast members (and Lin-Manuel Miranda) with Will & Grace star Eric McCormack.

Other fans hoped that Brooklyn Nine-Nine would have a crossover with fellow NBC sitcom The Good Place. And honestly, it would be pretty funny to watch Chidi lecture the Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters about ethics.

Another fan asked for a Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Clearly, getting the Brooklyn cops involved with other existing shows is on a lot of people's minds these days.

And Brooklyn Nine-Nine has plenty of fans within the NBC family, too. After the renewal news was announced, Superstore star America Ferrera tweeted that she'd love to see a Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover — and a musical one at that. Ferrera wrote,

"So psyched about @Brooklyn99FOX joining the @nbc family! I’m seeing a live musical crossover episode with @NBCSuperstore - Cloud99 anyone? Greenblatt?"

She even already has the perfect hashtag, #Cloud99. Who could argue with that? Brooklyn Nine-Nine clearly has plenty of devoted fans, both within NBC and outside it. And while none of these crossovers or cameos are actually in the works — at least, not publicly — it's nice to see the outpouring of support for the show.