Hold On, KrisDeana Shippers, This 'Bachelor In Paradise' Pair May Have Reunited

ABC/Paul Hebert

You might have thought you'd seen the last of the couple after their roller coaster on Bachelor in Paradise, but are Dean and Kristina back together? When fans last left them, the pair had split, and there's been no official comment from either side on their current status. However, a social media post suggests that Dean and Kristina may have reunited. Dean has been active online since the show wrapped, and sharp-eyed Redditors noticed something interesting about an image added to the 26-year old's Snapchat Story on Tuesday.

The reality TV star and dog lover added a post on Sep. 19, which featured a dog leaning out of a car window with the caption, "Watch out nerds, I got places to be." But some fans were more interested in what was going on in the background than the foreground. Redditor and Kentucky resident cloudsinmycoffee1 snagged a screenshot in which a blurry street sign reading "Armstrong Mill" can be seen. And "unless there's another Armstrong Mill around," the original poster writes, "Dean is in Lexington, Kentucky."

Further down in the Reddit thread, a commenter recognizes the location as the intersection of Armstrong Mill and Man O War, which they confirm is in Lexington. And why should we care about that? Well, because that just so happens to be where Kristina Schulman lives. As you likely recall, that was where the couple retreated to during the BIP filming hiatus, when things were still going well between them.

It could be a coincidence, sure, with Dean in town for some other reason, but an update to the thread points out that Dean quietly deleted the post just hours after putting it up. And another image he posted the same day received similar treatment, which has fans even more suspicious. Redditor everydetailofit posted,

"Yes! Okay I tried to post something earlier but the app was glitching...he posted a snap story at a shooting range earlier today. Initially, you could see the name of the shooting range and address in the upper left corner...and it was KENTUCKY! Then I checked my snap chats later, and he had reposted that image with the name and address of the shooting range blacked out. He's def in Kentucky."

Update: On top of that, on Ben and Ashley I's "Almost Famous" podcast, Danielle L. noted that, "From what I know, [Dean is] trying to work things out with Kristina... I'm trying to be respectful and keep my distance." Which lends more evidence to the theory that he would be in Kentucky and why he'd be there at all.


Snapchat/Dean Michael Unglert

And while there's no word on exactly what the pair's relationship status currently is, or the nature of this rumored visit, some fans are upset. Dean and Kristina met on Season 4 of BIP and connected early. They went on the first one-on-one in Mexico, and appeared to be one of the stronger couples up until production was halted after allegations of misconduct. (Investigations ultimately found no evidence of wrongdoing on set.) But the hiatus only seemed to strengthen their bond, with Dean traveling to Kristina's hometown to spend time with her off-camera. It was only after the two returned to the set that things became turbulent, with the start-up recruiter struggling to commit.

Dean was hot and cold on the relationship already, but the addition of Danielle to the Bachelor in Paradise cast made him even harder to tie down. He juggled both women, simultaneously leading each on, before ultimately breaking up with Kristina so that he could pursue D-Lo. But Dean seemed to regret that decision almost before he made it, and he left the show alone, having ended things with Danielle as well.

The Colorado native has taken some heat in the media for his actions on the show, with many believing that he ruined his shot at being the Bachelor with his behavior. And he certainly hurt the feelings of both Kristina and Danielle in multiple incidences.

It's these reasons that have Reddit users and Bachelor Nation fans alike crossing their fingers that things aren't being rekindled between Dean and Kristina. She deserves someone who will treat her with respect and enthusiasm, so here's hoping that Dean has learned his lesson, and is in Lexington to do exactly that.