Why Tyler C. Is Probably The One Who Ends Up With Hannah On 'The Bachelorette'

Mark Bourdillon/ABC

Hannah B. may be bringing four guys to The Bachelorette's Fantasy Suites, but only one of them will ultimately be walking away with her final rose. Promos for Monday night's episode suggest Luke P. will (finally) be going home soon, which just leaves just Jed, Tyler, and Peter in the running. However, based on pure chemistry alone, it's understandable to wonder if Hannah and Tyler C. are engaged after The Bachelorette. That's not to say that Jed and Peter don't still have a solid chance of winning, but after hometown dates, Hannah and Tyler's relationship is stronger than ever.

Initially, going into Hometown visits, Hannah was unsure about whether or not Tyler was fully ready for a big commitment like marriage. But after spending some time with his family, she seemed to feel reassured that he's a genuine guy truly looking for a life partner. (Not to mention that his reunion with his dad, who had been recovering from surgery, was downright heartwarming.) By the end of the night, Hannah walked away feeling pretty good about their relationship — so much so that they even spent a few steamy minutes making out in the backseat of a car before saying goodbye.

Of course, one could argue that Hannah's visit with Peter's family went just as well, which is why she felt confident giving both him and Tyler a rose. However, Jed and Luke P. were a different story. Hannah wants so badly to make these relationships work, despite all of the red flags that keep popping up. Jed's family basically confirmed to Hannah that he would prioritize his music career above his relationship with her and overall did not seem all that enthused about them ending up together. Meanwhile, Luke P. has proven time and time again that his behavior is toxic.

In an ideal world, this leaves Peter and Tyler as the two frontrunners. And while Peter is as charming and sweet as can be, Tyler and Hannah have shared some truly vulnerable moments together that go far beyond physical attraction. Even now that filming has wrapped, they seem to still really care about one another: Tyler has come to Hannah's defense on Twitter and always has nothing but wonderful things to say about her in his Instagram captions. Could this all indicate that the two of them end up together? Possibly!

During their very first one-on-one date, Hannah was feeling sad about Luke P.'s latest drama and didn't really seem like her normal, happy self. Tyler was completely understanding and made a point of comforting her, saying:

"Just know that when you're getting down, there's a reason for all of this right now. There's no doubt in my mind that this is going to make you better at the end of the day and you're gonna come out the most amazing person ever. And with the most amazing person ever."

From then on, he's been one of the top contenders and always goes the extra mile to make Hannah feel special. Fans will have to wait until the finale to know for sure whether these two are endgame, but with all of this in mind, it's hard to imagine Hannah not falling in love with him by the end of all this.