Are Jade & Tanner Still Together? The 'Marriage Boot Camp' Couple Is Cuter Than Ever

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Watching the trailer for the new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, which premieres on Friday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv, doesn't exactly inspire the utmost confidence in the future of these couples made famous by living out their real lives on the small screen. It's filled with crying, screaming, and all sorts of terrible allegations. So it makes you wonder if one of the show's most beloved couples, Jade and Tanner Tolbert, who warmed our hearts when they found romance on Bachelor in Paradise, were able to stick out all the drama on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and are still together today.

As you may know, mixing love and relationships is certainly nothing new for Jade and Tanner. Fans first met Jade in Season 19 of The Bachelor when she vied for the heart of Chris Soules. Tanner appeared in Season 11 of The Bachelorette where he wanted to be the apple of Kaitlyn Bristowe's eyes. Neither of them ended up winning the suitors' hearts during their respective seasons. But, that's OK, because they went on to join the cast of Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise and basically won because not only did they decide to stay together in the end, but Tanner also proposed to Jade at their final rose ceremony. Jade and Tanner became Mr. and Mrs. Tolbert when they tied the knot in January, and their wedding was later broadcast on TV in a Bachelor special on Valentine's Day, natch.

That's about as good as a reality TV love story can get, so seeing Jade and Tanner featured in the new season of Marriage Boot Camp, which is all about couples going through an intensive program in an effort to save their relationships, is worrisome, to say the least. But fear not, Bachelor Nation. Janner is alive and well and more in love than ever, which is easy to see through their many swoonworthy social media posts.

They're even planning for the future, building a new home together in Kansas, which they envision filling with "a couple of Janner babies," according to the caption of a photo announcing the beginning of construction on the home in July on Jade's Instagram profile.

Still, signing up for Marriage Boot Camp after only a few months of marriage really isn't a good sign that Jade and Tanner have been in wedded bliss. However, the couple explained in a clip from the new season that was shown during a recent PEOPLE NOW segment that they didn't join the cast because there was trouble in paradise. "Tanner and I both come from families of divorce, and we take marriage very seriously, so we're here to create a strong foundation," Jade said.

Jade went on to say during the interview with PEOPLE NOW that she felt like she and Tanner had room to grow in their relationship before they appeared on Marriage Boot Camp. "We're normal people," she said. "We have issues just like everyone else, and we have things that we can improve on, so I think that was our mentality going into it."

And it looks like Jade and Tanner did pick up a thing or two from their time on Marriage Boot Camp, with each telling PEOPLE NOW that they've learned knowing how to communicate to your partner is key in having a happy marriage. "I shut down at anger. My family never fought in front of us, so anger frightens me. So he's learned how to effectively communicate with me to be able to reach me," Jade said. "And I've been able to effectively communicate, I think, better with you to better reach you because he shuts down on certain things."

Judging by how close Jade and Tanner seem after their stint on Marriage Boot Camp, it's clear that they're both now fluent in the language of love.