Are Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Married? The Couple Isn't There Quite Yet

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In news that threw the internet for a loop on Friday, TMZ and People reported that with her first child. Though the star hasn't confirmed the news herself, people may be wondering more about the rumored parents-to-be. For instance, ? The pair hasn't reached that phase of their relationship just yet — and that's completely fine. (As far as the baby rumors, Jenner's reps could not be reached by Bustle for comment. Bustle reached out to Scott's reps, but did not receive an immediate response.)

For those who haven't been keeping track, . The pair got together after the reality star officially called it quits with . Ever since, the 20-year-old and Scott have been spotted together at places ranging from music festivals to sporting events to family birthday parties. He's also been , so some suspect she may have played matchmaker for her sister.

While they may not have tied the knot, the pair's relationship is still pretty permanent in a different way. Back in May, People reported that — butterflies on their ankles. And sure, it's not the same as a wedding ring, but it does signify a significant spot in one another's lives.

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Just because the pair may be expecting a child, it doesn't necessarily mean they have to follow a traditional path and tie the knot. Just look at her sister with Scott Disick and never walked down the aisle. She's doing a great job being a mom, and she's doing it her way. And if Jenner really is pregnant, it's likely she'd do the same.

Still, that doesn't mean the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sibling hasn't been the subject of wedding rumors before. Back in June, rumors spread that in a secret ceremony, as announced in a cover story of Life & Style. However, Gossip Cop quickly squashed the rumors, citing close friends of the pair as sources. Even when she dated Tyga, there were plenty of .

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But if you've been paying attention — Jenner did get married recently. Well, sort of. She jokingly had a during the season finale of Life of Kylie. While in Peru, Jenner and Woods pretended to have a commitment ceremony in front of Kris Jenner, who was not amused, according to People. She really does know how to keep people entertained and also laugh in the face of rumors.

Fake ceremonies aside, fans on Twitter are posing the question of when Jenner and Scott will get married. Others joked that it might as well happen now.

However, just because they might have a baby on the way, that doesn't mean the couple needs to conform to societal pressures and get married. They should take their relationship at their own pace and do whatever feels best for them. Plus, it's an outdated assumption that someone has to be married to have kids.

Throughout her entire time in the spotlight, Jenner has never been one to try and fit a certain mold; she's constantly defying people's expectations of her. Not only that, but she's kept her relationship with Scott private, for the most part. It's not like he's frequently featured in her Snapchats or all over her Instagram. She tends to do things on her own terms, and that likely applies to when — and if — she ever gets married in the future.