Huda Kattan Just Made McDonald's Brows A Thing

Every time an absurd new brow trend happens, many of us shake our heads and silently ask, "how much further can this really go?" Well, this far, apparently. Fresh off the heels of the questionable brow braiding trend, beauty guru Huda Kattan's McDonald's eyebrows are sweeping the internet now. The question is, why, though?

Initially, wild trends like barbed wire brows, squiggle brows, and glitter brows were a kitschy, fun way to play with the most beloved facial feature of the past few years. But this just might take it too far.

While it's tough to trace the origins of the McDonald's brow trend to Kattan herself, one thing's for sure: When she gets in on a crazy new beauty look, you know it'll explode. And of course, just like Kattan, McDonald's has its own cult following, and the chain has experienced a pop culture resurgence as of late (thanks, Mindy Kaling and Moschino). So it's all just a perfect storm to create a weird brow trend (and perhaps inspire some funny and creative fast food-related halloween costumes for 2017).

Here's a look at Kattan's insane Mickey D's brows, along with a how-to tutorial (if you're interested). It definitely takes the term "golden arches" to another level.

Of course, Kattan has inspired some similar looks, like this one...

As well as this red and yellow version (because subtlety is overrated).

Some people on Twitter are down for another brow trend like this.

However, others are calling for a stop to the madness.

Some people are feeling anything but inspired.

The over-arching theme (pun intended) is that we've all got to slow our roll with the brow trends.

Of course, it's more than likely that Kattan is just poking fun at the surge of crazy brow trends, too. (Because, hey, the whole thing is an easy target.)