Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson's Staten Island Date Night Photos Are Pure Summer Romance

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It may come as a surprise to you to learn that Ariana Grande and comedian Pete Davidson are in a romantic relationship. Just kidding! If you don't already know, you're living under a rock that doesn't get Wi-Fi.According to Us Weekly, Ariana Grande's Staten Island date night with Pete Davidson was "the most fun [she's] ever had", to which fans have to say: Girl. She must really love him if a Staten Island summer dinner date is the most fun she's ever had.

The singer joined fiancé Davidson for a dinner in his home borough, and by all accounts, they really did have a wonderful time. True to their nature, the pair documented it all on social media, with heavy use of the lightning bolt emoji — did you know that they love the Harry Potter series? — and heart-eye emojis.

Grande is a super successful singer, and she shares a beautiful new place in New York City with beau Davidson. She's preparing to release her new album Sweetener, one that will presumably be followed by a global tour. And despite everything, her truest joy is a Saturday night dinner in Staten Island. Even the coldest-hearted of people have to admit their love for one another is enough to kickstart a summer thaw on your feelings.

When they weren't posing for photos for one another, it seems Grande and Davidson were hanging with the locals. Davidson may be on his way to becoming a household name, but Grande is an instantly recognizable icon. How they managed a peaceful dinner together is anyone's guess. In at least one photo on social media, fans can see Grande raising a glass of red wine in the direction of an older man at the next table — toasting to the evening with passersby, perhaps.

They're living their best New York City lives these days, with the two recently taking a break from moving into their shared apartment to shop at Sephora and generally goof off, as they're wont to do. Their new place is presumably close enough to midtown, which would make it easy for Davidson to commute to and from work. He's a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live, an actor, and a stand-up comedian, so he regularly keeps unusual hours. Since they live in Manhattan, it's an easy hop to Staten Island, which is Davidson's home borough and where his mom and sister still live.

Still, you never know where they might turn up next. After all, Davidson is on a summer hiatus from SNL and Grande is preparing to release Sweetener, so they probably have some free time this summer. And what they do have, they'll probably want to spend together. Do any New Yorkers have suggestions for the couple's next adventure?

For a moment, let's forget Manhattan — where they already live — and put aside Staten Island, which they've tried out to great success. (Just take a look at Davidson's grin! The size of it is matched only by the monster dessert the couple shared at dinner.) Why not take on Brooklyn, the Bronx, or Queens? There's so much to do, and see, and tour, and eat. And none of it requires a ferry to get to! Then again, being as famous as someone like Grande is does come with its challenges. It's unlikely that she could just go ahead and take a spontaneous day trip to Brighton Beach or the Bronx Botanical Gardens. But maybe they could do a museum date?

Or, hey, they're having a good time, so why mess with a formula that works. Enjoy your scenes from an Italian restaurant, kids. And Ariana Grande, enjoy your Staten Island summer.