Ariana Grande Just Received Her Grammy & Piggy Smallz Had A Very Hog-Wild Reaction

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Feb. 10, the artist behind "Breathin" won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album, and five months later, the four-legged star of the first "Breathin" music video "received" a Grammy. On Tuesday, July 16, Ariana Grande shared an Instagram video in which Piggy Smallz got Ariana Grande's Grammy. And by "Piggy Smallz got Ariana Grande's Grammy" I mean "Ariana Grande finally got Ariana Grande's Grammy and Ariana Grande showed Piggy Smallz the Grammy and Piggy Smallz put her little snout on Ariana Grande's Grammy." Same difference.

In the clip, Ari holds the award and tries to get her pet pig's attention. “Piggy, something came for you,” she says. Piggy Smallz turns around and the video ends just as her snout comes in contact with the plaque. It is fantastic stuff.

Grande did not attend the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, so when she won Best Pop Vocal Album for 2018's Sweetener, she was not there to walk up to the stage and accept the trophy after her name was called. And so her trophy had to be delivered to her… five months after the award show happened. Hey, better late than never— especially when the award’s welcoming committee includes one Piggy Smallz.

In another post, Grande poses with her first Grammy, writing, “really glad i checked the mail." Not to spoil the bit, but Grande's first Grammy was not actually sitting in her mailbox underneath a pile of circulars and Crate and Barrel catalogs for five months; manager Scooter Braun apparently held onto it until he had a chance to bring it to her. When he posted a photo he took with Grande and the trophy, Braun said he “couldn’t have been prouder this week to deliver this one her very first Grammy.” The “Thank U, Next” singer commented, “so grateful. thank u scoot. even though you ruined my joke about it coming in the mail.”

Though she was not at the Grammys this year, Grande was originally supposed to attend. Not only was she nominated for two awards, but she was scheduled to perform at some point during the event. However, after a reported dispute with the event’s producers regarding her setlist, she bowed out of the show entirely. When Sweetener was awarded Best Pop Vocal Album, she was not able to say her thank yous (thank us?) on the Staples Center stage, but she could express her gratitude via social media. And express her gratitude via social media is what she did.

“i know i’m not there tonight (trust, i tried and still truly wished it had worked out tbh) and i know i said i try not to put too much weight into these things .... but f*ck ....... this is wild and beautiful,” she wrote on Instagram. “thank you so much. i love u @pharrell@scooterbraun @allisonjamiekayeevery human being at @republicrecords @awsuki@ilya_music Max Martin @tbhits@victoriamonet @socialhouse@recordingacademy & the voters”

Grande is a Grammy winner and now she's got the hardware to prove it. Oink u, next.