You NEED To See This Photo Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Ashley I. & Jared's New Dog

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bachelor in Paradise couple Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti have welcomed a new family member. No, this is not a Bachelor Nation baby announcement, so don't scramble to put together a diaper cake. This is a Bachelor Nation puppy announcement. Jared and Ashley I. adopted a dog named Lois Lane and why yes, yes as a matter of fact she is extremely cute. You have been warned.

Ashley I. introduced her Instagram followers to Lois Lane earlier this week. She noted that while they do not know what kind of dog Lois Lane is, Lois Lane does remind Ashley I. of her beloved Lucy (R.I.P.). The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast host wrote,

“Say hello to Lois Lane...the newest addition to the Iaconetti/Haibon little fluffy dog clan. We don’t know what breed she is, but her face has similarities to our precious Coton de Tulears in heaven. Maybe she’s a mix. #adoptdontshop”

Ashley I. and Jared also have a dog named Gurgi. (Or, as Jared called him on Instagram back in August, “my son through marriage.”) Ashley I. and Jared both shared a videos of Gurgi and Lois Lane playing on Instagram Stories, so it feels safe to say the Iaconetti-Haibon pups are already getting along swimmingly.

Jared and Ashley I. met all the way back in 2015 while filming Bachelor in Paradise Season 2. Showmance sparks flew, but those sparks did not last. Jared and Ashley I.’s relationship ended before Paradise was over. Well, that chapter of Jared and Ashley I.'s relationship ended; the two would go on to be at the center of a years-long will-they-or-won't-they-or-Wendt-they saga.

Several Bachelor seasons and a whole bunch of tears later, Ashley I. and Jared are finally together. On May 22, they revealed that they are officially a couple, and one month later, they announced their engagement. People reported that Jared proposed to Ashley I. in Mexico while Bachelor in Paradise filmed Season 5. And now, they are in the thick of planning their big day— a big day that will probably not be on TV.

As Ashley I. recently told People,

Bachelor never formally asked us if we wanted to get married on the show, but Paradise was probably our only option if we decided to get married on screen. We decided not to do that just because we wanted to have a bigger wedding. When the show is in charge of it they have a lot of guest requests and you have to also narrow your list down."

Just two years ago, we watched Ashley I. and Jared try and fail to date other people on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. Heck, less than a year ago, we watched Ashley I. date Kevin Wendt on Bachelor Winter Games. But hey, life — especially life in Bachelor Nation — sure does come at you fast. Ashley I. and Jared are now affianced, cohabiting, planning a wedding, and raising dogs together.

Genuinely looking forward to seeing the dog costume Ashley I. and Jared pick out for Lois Lane next Halloween. After Gurgi's exhausted Rajah 'stume, the bar is basically higher than a magic carpet soaring at cruising altitude.