ASOS Apparently Sells Affordable Disney Merch & It Is ALL Adorable

Unicorns and mermaids may be out, but the trend that never dies? Nostalgia. From crayon-themed makeup to glitter handle makeup brushes, everyone loves a good throwback to children, and there's new ASOS Disney merch to help you embrace the beloved characters you grew up with for a price that won't break the bank.

You've probably heard of ASOS for their stylish and often affordable clothing. With both plus and straight sizing and tons of options, it's a treasure trove of internet retail, but fashionable fare isn't all they offer. Their accessories section is also lit, and now, some seriously cute Disney themed merch has made it way onto their e-shelves.

While every character from the classic franchise doesn't appear in the new additions, they're all totally adorable. From Princess Jasmine and Aladdin to Minnie Mouse and Cinderella, some of the most iconic members of the Disney family make appearances.

As for what's offered? It's not just fashion (though there are some super cute pajamas). ASOS has everything from makeup bags to tumblers to phone cases. If you've ever wanted 101 dalmatian puppies but couldn't actually fit all of them in your house, you can at least have a 101 Dalmatians phone case, right?

Adorable puppies are also joined by some of Disney fans favorite princesses like Jasmine, and her super cute tumbler.

Just get a load of all that shiny blue glitter. At $19, it's not a bad deal at all!

If you're a tea drinker, you haven't been left out. There's a perfect option for you as well in the display worthy Chip and Mrs. Potts tea set from Beauty and the Beast.

You'll definitely want to sit this set on your table.

If you love the OGs of Disney Princesses, ASOS has you covered with Cinderella merch. The classic, ball gown wearing blonde princess has her own makeup cases.

Of course, ASOS isn't the only company to partner with Disney and embrace a bit of nostalgia. In fact, it seems like nostalgia itself is the world's biggest trend right now. From rebooted television series to 90s-inspired anything, people appear to be longing for the past, and they're embracing it via their shopping habits. Disney just happens to be one of the ways shoppers can do so, and brand certainly aren't slacking on giving them options.

One of the latest Disney partnerships actually combines two of the world's most universally acknowledged middle school must-haves with some of the company's most famous characters.

The Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers may not exactly look like the cola flavored chapstick that you used to hook to your backpack with a carabiner, but they're undeniably a Lip Smacker product. The adorable mini chapsticks have memorable characters like Ariel, Tinker Bell, Mickey, and Minnie Mouse. Plus, they've got new additions like Princess Leia who aptly has a cinnamon bun flavor (get it, her hair buns?).

Then, just recently, Target partnered with the company to launch an entire Disney beauty line. Inside, fans found Lipsmackers (obviously), Mickey Mouse themed eyeliner, face masks, lipsticks, and more all with a classic Disney twist. It looks like that adorable, big earred mouse is certainly keeping busy.

If you're an avid Disney fan and want to add to your (probably) ever growing collection of mouse, princess, or villain themed goodies, it's definitely time for you to head over to ASOS. With affordable pricing, some fan favorite princesses, and of course, classic Mickey and Minnie goods, the ASOS Disney section is can't miss. It's time to embrace your inner Disney lover and throw it back to the days you needed to rewind your VHS tapes.