ASOS's 2018 Face & Body Advent Calendar Includes Products From Glam Glow & Benefit

Courtesy of ASOS

If you've walked into a store, seen holiday decorations, and immediately rolled your eyes, you may not quite yet be ready for the season of advent calendars. You should be, though, because ASOS 2018 Face + Body Advent Calendar is everything. With some serious staple products from well-known high-ends brand and a mix of both skin care, body, and beauty products, this could just be the one Advent calendar you need this holiday (if you can buy just one that is).

Beauty Advent calendars are coming at skin care and beauty fans left and right. From NARS' 2018 calendar to QVC's calendar, there's a little something for everyone out there, and whether you're looking to give one as an early Christmas present or you're looking to treat yourself this holiday season, it's time to start narrowing down your choices. After all, Advent season begins the first day of December, so if you want one, you need to get to shopping them early.

One of the latest to debut is from ASOS, and the retailer certainly knows how to create the perfect blend of must-have products. From GlamGlow to Benefit to Dr. Jart+, this Advent calendar may just have everything you need inside.

Courtesy of ASOS

According to the ASOS website, the Advent Calendar will retail for $87, and if you were thinking that seems a bit costly, you won't after you hear what's inside. After all, there's a reason it's called the Face + Body Advent Calendar.

While ASOS's own makeup brand will be inside the calendar (like their matte liquid lipstick), the item is actually more of a who's who of the beauty world and features tons of brands that aren't just common names but that have serious clout behind their brands in the beauty world.

Courtesy of ASOS

For example, the brand features a mini size of the popular GlamGlow Glow Starter Moisturizer used to give you a light from within look whether you're wearing makeup over top or not. If you do want to rock cosmetics underneath, you can because ASOS is also featuring a mini size of the iconic Hoola Bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics. Plus, after the day is done and you're looking to give your skin a bit of a break after wearing makeup, you could just get clean using the Caudelie Micellar Cleansing Water and then mask with the Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask.

See? Totally worth $87, right?

Courtesy of ASOS

If you've been on the hunt for the perfect beauty Advent calendar, ASOS may have just put together one of the best ones out there. While brands typically do create their own with only their items included inside, ASOS sets itself apart thanks to the multitude of beauty brands and the types of product inside this aggregated calendar. You won't just be getting cosmetics, you'll also be getting body and skin care as well.

If the ASOS Face + Body Advent Calendar sounds perfect for your 2018 holiday season, head over to the ASOS website now and get ready to have the world's most glorious skin.