Baby Stormi Met Travis Scott's Family & The Details Will Make You SO Happy

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's Stormi Webster's world, and everyone else is just living in it. Once you see how baby Stormi met Travis Scott's family, you'll know just how true that statement is. The rapper Jacques Webster, who performs under the name Travis Scott, took his daughter with makeup mogul Kylie Jenner home to Texas to meet the family. Regardless of how you feel about Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, their relationship, or babies in general, once you see these photos of baby Stormi meeting her extended family, you won't be able to deny that they're aww-inspiring.

Scott and Jenner have reportedly been dating since April 2017. She lives in the greater Los Angeles area, and while real estate is one of her hobbies, it is not known whether the pair live together full-time. After all, most of Jenner's family is right there in L.A., but Scott's resides in Texas. Plus, he's a rapper, and frequently out on tour. It's beyond sweet that with a weekend off, he flew down to see his family, and bring his newborn daughter with him. Also, Stormi's cheeks! For real, you won't be able to handle these photos of the baby meeting the Websters. It's clear this baby has some serious charisma, because her relatives seem to be completely enamored with her already.

"So happy to finally hold my beautiful Stormi," Travis' brother Joshua wrote on Snapchat. According to People, the Websters made meeting Stormi a big deal. There were reportedly flower arrangements and Swarovski crystal centerpieces galore. Baby Stormi: Encouraging people to be the correct amount of extra, at just 9 weeks old.

It makes sense that the Websters would roll out the red carpet for the newest member of their family. After all, Jenner's side of the family has already been getting lots of snuggles. Just a few weeks earlier, Jenner posted a photo of her grandmother holding Stormi, and if you'll recall, the baby rose to fame on a television docu-series about her family. The Websters are definitely allowed to show their newest family member that her dad's side of the family can go big too. Also, those cheeks. Who wouldn't instantly want to blow their entire bank account trying to make that baby smile?

For longtime fans of the rapper, it's so wonderful to see him be able to celebrate his daughter. Jenner and Scott kept the pregnancy a secret from the press — or they did the best they could, at least — but once the makeup mogul gave birth to Stormi on February 1, 2018, all bets were off. The happy couple has been spotted playing with Stormi, walking her, introducing the baby to their friends, and generally living the fabulous life of a healthy, wealthy, adorable newborn. Scott is already media-shy, and his most recent Billboard interview made headlines for his unwillingness to discuss what it seemed like the media already knew. He wouldn't talk about his relationship with the young entrepreneur, and absolutely didn't reveal anything about her then rumored pregnancy. What a relief it must be to finally get to celebrate.

Jenner is more active on social media than Scott, so it's rare to see anything from his point of view, let alone, his family's. They're also far less accustomed to media attention than say, the Kardashian-Jenner crew, so getting anything from Team Webster at all is pretty exciting. It's unclear how long Scott and Stormi will be in Texas, but their vacation to introduce the baby to Scott's family is already too cute to handle.

One thing is certain, little Stormi is surrounded by love from her extended family, and it's absolutely beautiful.