'Bachelorette' Guys Corinne Should Date If She Goes On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

ABC/Michael Yada

I mean this with zero shade whatsoever, but Bachelor standout Corinne Olympios was meant to be a cast member on Bachelor in Paradise. Of course, I enjoyed watching her try to woo Nick Viall this season, but ending up with him just wasn't in the cards for her. That's OK though because there are some viable contestants to date Corinne if she goes on Bachelor in Paradise.

I'm sure some of guys from Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season will make up a good chunk of the cast for BiP's fourth season, but there are already some solid options for Corinne to date from for other seasons.

Unfortunately, I have no personal insight about who will definitely be looking for love at the tropical resort this summer, but there are some past Bachelorette cast members who really stand out from the rest. I'm sure that at least some of the guys from my list will be asked and will end up saying yes when it comes to searching for love on Bachelor in Paradise.

As cast members of the past have shown us, BiP can turn into a redemption story for people who didn't have the best time on their original season. I'm rooting for our girl to be Corinne it to win it with one of these guys.

1. Luke Pell

We all know that Luke Pell could have been the Bachelor after how loved he was on JoJo Fletcher's season. If Corinne doesn't end up with Nick, she might as well go for the man that she could have been competing for if things worked out a little bit differently. I also feel like Luke's more mellow demeanor would be a good balance for Corinne's larger than life personality.

2. Chase McNary

I feel like this one is a little bit of a reach, but I included it for an "opposites attract" type of match. From what we saw on JoJo's Bachelorette season, Chase was on the quiet side. Who better to help bring out his personality than Corinne? Not only that, but Chase also seemed like a top contender for the lead role during this Bachelor season, so Corinne could have been spraying whipped cream into Chase's mouth. They might as well see what could have been.

3. Daniel Maguire

It seems like no woman will actually be able to fulfill Daniel's standards when it comes to appearance, but I'm really pushing for this match for the quotes. I could only imagine what would happen with Daniel's bird metaphors and love for Canada when they're mixed with Corinne's nap appreciation and longing for sushi. This relationship would yield plenty of memes and gifs.

4. Wells Adams

Everyone's favorite napper loves a glass of champagne. I credit that liquid courage for giving us some of Corinne's best quotes. With that said, I feel like Corinne and the king of drunk Snapchat stories could have a great time turning up together. Plus, I feel like Wells is one of the most genuine guys in the franchise. Everyone like him and pretty much everyone was trying to get that rose from him last season on BiP, so it is possible that Corinne would be interested in him, too.

5. Jared Haibon

Jared might have had his heart crushed on Kaitlyn Bristowe's Bachelorette season, but the BiP environment totally works in his favor. Last season alone, Emily Ferguson, Jubilee Sharpe, Caila Quinn, an Ashley Iaconetti were all trying to date him. He seems to be the most datable dude in Paradise, so Corinne might as well see what all the hype is about.

6. JJ Lane

The fandom really started to embrace Bachelorette villain JJ Lane when he joined BiP. He and Corinne can bond over their "villain" pasts while stealing the spotlight from everyone else, as per usual.

7. Grant Kemp

Grant and Corinne both come off like the kind of people who can fall quickly (and hard) when it comes to relationships. Neither of them has ever had an issue when it comes to sharing their feelings so they could end up being a great pair. Not only that, but it could also be interesting TV if Grant's ex Lace Morris showed up in Paradise and saw Grant hitting it off with Corinne.

8. Vinny Ventiera

After getting heartbroken thanks to Izzy Goodkind last season, we all just want to see Vinny find love. If he ends up vibing with Corinne, they have a real shot at bringing their romance from the resort to real life since he lives in Delray Beach, Florida and she lives in Miami, meaning they are about an hour apart. Not only that, but I bet Corinne would be be a fun and supportive girlfriend at Vinny's DJ gigs. Based on her appearance in that 2 Chainz video, I have to assume that she enjoys the club. As long as she doesn't have to do "planned dancing," she will be just fine.

9. Nick Viall

I hope for the best for Nick and hate being such a skeptic, especially since the last few Bachelor/ette couples are actually still together, but let's just say that Nick and his winner do not end up going the distance. Maybe Nick will need appear on BiP for take two. Why not rekindle things with Corinne and see if it works in a different environment?

We all know that whoever is in charge of casting on Bachelor in Paradise is dying for Corinne to appear. She is reality TV gold. Of course, she will entertain us all, but it would be even better if she found love in between naps.