'Bachelorette' Fans Are Ready For Becca To Stop Mentioning This One Conversation Topic

ABC/Paul Hebert; nails_n_knits/Twitter

Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette was intense. There were lots of tears, mainly from the Bachelorette herself. Of course, this is a stressful position to be in, but Bachelorette viewers have had enough of Becca referencing Arie. It's impossible to watch this show and not root for Becca. She is a total class act and any man would be lucky to date her. So, why is she being so hard on herself? In what world is she at all comparable to Arie?

During her one-on-one date with Jason, she was hysterically sobbing while she said, "I literally just did the same thing to him that Arie did to me." Really, Becca? That is not at all what happened. Becca has been very thoughtful throughout this entire journey. She's admitted on camera that she was in love with Garrett and Blake, but purposely bit her tongue in her conversations with them so she wouldn't lead them on. In contrast, Arie told both Becca and Lauren that he loved them during the fantasy suite dates.

As soon as Becca realized that Jason wasn't the one, she sent him home instead of carrying on with the overnight date. On The Bachelor, Arie told Kendall that he was "falling for her" instead of saying he was "in love with her," yet he carried on with their overnight date. In no way, shape, or form did Becca "pull an Arie."

Arie proposed to Becca during the last season of The Bachelor and blindsided her with a breakup (in front of a camera crew) so he could date his runner-up, Lauren. What did Becca do that was remotely comparable to that? Obviously she was going to break some hearts this season. She's a catch, and it makes sense that these guys would be very interested in her. Nevertheless, she's been nothing but conscientious and sincere.

Becca is about to get engaged and she just needs to let herself move forward from the Arie trauma. She's definitely not an Arie 2.0, and she couldn't be that if she tried. The only names that should be mentioned from now on are Garrett and Blake. The fans have had enough of the Arie references, and they're more than ready to see Becca truly move on and be happy with someone better suited for her.


She Had Empathy

Becca cared so much about hurting Jason's feelings and she tried her best not to lead him on. In contrast, Arie completely surprised her with a televised breakup after getting engaged. This is not at all the same thing.


She Did What She Had To Do

At the start of the episode, Becca admitted that she was "in love" with Garrett and Blake but "falling for" Jason. Of course, she had to send him home. She gave him a chance and cut off the relationship instead letting it go further than it should have. She did the right thing.


She Needs To Focus On New Love

There's no doubt about it: The Arie breakup was traumatic. Anyone would have a tough time moving past that and being so vulnerable so soon after, but Becca is on the verge of getting engaged. She needs to focus on the future instead of the past.


She Needs To Stop Comparing To Last Season

Yes, Arie "said a lot of things" on The Bachelor, but this is The Bachelorette and Becca is calling the shots this time around. She has a special opportunity to find a man who is better suited for her and that's something worth giving her full attention to.


She Mentioned Arie Post-Fantasy Suite With Blake

It's safe to assume that she and Blake talked about more than just Arie after their overnight date and it just got edited out. Nevertheless, it had to be so awkward for Blake to be laying in bed with Becca and hear about Arie... again.


She Was Set Up By Producers.... Right?

Is it Becca that's referencing her ex all the time? Or are the producers asking her questions off-camera? The Jason breakup was not equivalent to her split with Arie — at all.


She's Mentioned Arie A LOT

Arie has a more dynamic presence on Becca's season of The Bachelorette than he did on his own season of The Bachelor.


She Has To Stop Bringing Him Up

She is in love and has two solid options. Why bring up Arie at this time?


She Really Does Mention Him Quite A Bit

She could make a major charitable contribution if she donated a dollar every time that she mentioned her infamous ex.


She's Being Too Hard On Herself

She had to let someone go. She was upfront and kind. She did nothing wrong and she's being way too tough on herself.


She Has To Focus On Blake And Garrett

This fan put it pretty bluntly.


She Wasn't Engaged To Jason

Yes, this Jason breakup was sad, but they weren't engaged. This split is nothing like her previous breakup.


She Was So Respectful

She can only hand out one final rose. She handled the Jason breakup in the best way that she could. She did absolutely nothing wrong.


She Can't Beat Herself Up Over This

She took a break during the day portion of the date and the dinner. Jason had to know their relationship wasn't going any further. The writing was on the wall. Jason had to know this, and so did she.


She Made Us Root For Jason

The one bright side of watching Jason get dumped is that he now has a lot of support from the fandom. If Jason wants to look for love on The Bachelor, he would have a lot of people rooting for him.


She Didn't Change Her Mind

She made a well-thought-out decision. She did not make a commitment and go back on her word. She is not pulling an Arie.

It's impossible to dislike Becca. Everyone who is watching this season of The Bachelorette wants the best for her. The viewers want her to leave the Arie mentions in the past and focus on picking her best match instead.