Bey's Best Pregnancy Announcement Beauty Moments

by Alexa Tucker

In case you missed it, on Tuesday, the world was blessed two times over when we learned Beyoncé is pregnant with twins (!!!) via her sweet Instagram post. But, rejoice, there's more where that came from — on Wednesday, we were blessed about 25 times over when she released more photos from her nature-meets-glam bump shoot, and there are some major beauty moments in every frame.

Along with new pics from this pregnancy photoshoot, she included some poignant poetry, photos documenting her and Jay's power-couple relationship, at-home snapshots, and moments from her pregnancy with Blue Ivy. And if you scroll over any one of them, the text reads "I have three hearts." (Mine, on the other hand, has exploded.) It's a lot to take in, so prepare yourselves. But once you get past that emotional roller coaster, the soon-to-be iconic beauty looks are worth noting.

In true Beyoncé fashion, everything in this announcement is meaningful and artistic, from her flower clowns to her glowing skin. There's a feminine, one-with-the-universe vibe in every photo. Blue (the OG Bey-by) makes a few cameos in the etherial photos, too.

Check out seven amazing beauty moments from Queen Bey's pregnancy photoshoot — even if you're not expecting, there's major inspiration to be had.

1. The Veiled Instagram Announcement

Let's start with this instant classic, which Bey used to deliver the good news. Aside from the obvious festival-season inspiration here, I'm betting that vibrant coral pink is the next major lipstick shade thanks to this pic. The bright matte hue pops against clean, simple skin.

2. Carnations, A Car, And Floral Appliqués

The contrast of the old-school car and the garden spilling out of it is a perfect and unexpected setting for this beauty moment. Beyoncé is bringing back half-up hair — her strands pulled around the sides of her long locks creates a crown-without-an-actual-crown vibe. The floral appliqués on her sheer tights and arm sleeve tie the image together.

3. A Belly-Button Ring And Blue Ivy

I'll be honest, I forgot about belly-button rings for a while, until I saw this pic – Bey's teeny gold navel ring is subtle but statement-making. Blue is having her own beauty moment here with her cornrows, complete with bright, youthful beads.

4. The Best That Makeup Has Ever Looked Underwater

Because it's Beyoncé (and it's twins), having only photos with regular breathable oxygen just weren't enough. She clearly gave waterproof makeup a serious test with this upside-down photo, and I'll have what she's having, because it's perfect. It's a safe bet that this mauve-y pink lipstick is long-wear. A flower crown fit for the queen completes the look.

5. Just Kidding, This Is The Best That Makeup Has Ever Looked Underwater

I take it back. This is some serious long-wear lipstick. Aside from the obvious waterproof sorcery here, Beyoncé is making a strong case for red lipstick with mostly bare skin and eyes. Bold brows, bold pout, done.

6. Proof That Beyonce Is A Mermaid

This underwater GIF of Bey's hair gliding through the water is exactly what I imagine mermaids' locks look like underwater. So soft, so floaty.

7. Pregnancy Glow On Full Display (And A Drunk In Love Flashback)

This ultra-simple photo is my favorite photo from the shoot. It's reminiscent of one of my favorite Beyoncé beauty moments, her wet-look cropped hair during her Drunk In Love performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards. It's hard to tell whether this is what people mean when they talk about "pregnancy glow" or if this is just straight-up Beyoncé glow, but I like to think it's a little of both. Plus, her subtle liner look is something I'll definitely be copying — teal on the bottom, gold on the top.