11 of Bey & Jay's Best Moments from 2014

Ah, America — a democracy, indeed, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its royalty. The closest we can get to a royal family is Queen Bey and Jay Z. And royal they are indeed. In 2014, Beyoncé and Jay Z's net worth soared to over one billion dollars. If that's not true ascension, I don't know what is. As we rumble toward the end of 2014 at breakneck speed, let's take a look back and honor Our Lady Beyoncé and Our Lord Hova for their magnificent year.

Because the power couple and their baby Blue Ivy have had one hell of a year. Not a surprise for such icons, but impressive none-the-less for just how many magical moments they packed into 2014. From their Grammys performance to the On the Run tour to elevator-gate (which I won't be including here, because there are many more moments that overshadow all the shade that came with the Jay Z/Solange feud), it seems like Bey and Jay had no free time, what with constantly making history and all. Refresh yourself, because we know it's tough to keep a mental catalogue of royal realness.

In chronological order...

Bey & Jay Top Power 100 List

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In January, to start the year off with a bang, Billboard named Beyoncé and Jay Z the most powerful people in the music industry, topping their Top 100 chart. 50 million 'round the world and you say that they couldn't get it.

"Drunk in Love," Live

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Right on the heels of being announced most powerful, Beyoncé and Jay Z opened the Grammys with a sexy, wet-haired performance of "Drunk in Love." Bey wore a leotard, as she does. Jay wore a tux, as he does. Though some found it boring (I wouldn't entirely disagree), it still shocked and angered parents everywhere for being too "risque."

Proving Those Divorce Rumors Wrong

Despite the rampant divorce rumors about Jay and Bey, Beyoncé took a ton of adorable father-daughter snaps of Hova and Blue Ivy on their summer vacation in the French Riviera. (Later they would chill even harder in Corsica to celebrate Bey's 33rd birthday.)

Beyoncé's VMA Performance

Though this list is in order by date, this is by far, in my humble opinion, the best Jay-Bey-Blue moment of the year. After Beyoncé performed an incredible and superhuman set (17 full minutes!) at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, she was honored with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award by her husband and darling Blue. THE AMOUNT OF LOVE ON THAT STAGE! And Blue Ivy's pride for her mama :')

Blue Ivy's VMA Performance

Speaking of Blue Ivy at the VMAs, how could I fail to mention the Vine of her dancing and inheriting her mother's flawlessness?

The On the Run Tour

In April, Jay and Bey announced that they would be touring together for their On the Run tour which lasted from June through September, and probably sent a lot of fans into heavy panic attacks from sheer euphoria. It later was taped and aired as an HBO special, but perhaps the best moment was the couple performing a tender and touching mashup of "Halo" and "Young Forever" played to images of their perfect baby Blue Ivy. I'm not crying, you're crying.

Jay Z Epically Tells Off a Tourist

How dare you not recognize royalty? Shame.

Bey & Jay Visit Mona Lisa

The beginning of October was forever changed when this photo emerged. I just... can't.

The Queen & Her King of Pop

As if there wasn't a way for me to love Bey more, she shut down the Halloween game this year. First, as Janet Jackson from Rhythm Nation with Blue Ivy as MICHAEL JACKSON (squeal)...

Picasso, Baby

OK, so not Pablo — but Bey as Frida, Jay as Basquiat and Blue in a Basquiat jacket is art in and of itself. Highbrow brilliant.

Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

Why is this video of Bey and Jay sharing a pretzel at a Nets game so important? Because it proves they are mortal, just like us. Or at the least, demi-gods. Even Bey loves a greasy salted pretzel. Meaning we have one, minute thing in common.

And it's not Dec. 31 yet, so who knows what kind of monumental moments Bey and Jay will have before the year is out?

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