The Creator Of The Viral Brow Crown Doesn't Care If You're Sick Of Instagram Brow Trends

While makeup allows us to enhance our features and define ourselves, it's also a very useful (and sometimes strange) creative outlet. That's the category in which the viral brow crown trend falls. It's a fun look that uses art supplies to create something radically different from what we see day to day. But it has Instagram totally polarized.

The trend originated with Sofie Petersen, an 18-year-old aspiring makeup artist from Denmark. While beauty lovers often just play with palettes and contour kits for the fun of it, some of us branch out to get a little more avant-garde with our looks. That's what Petersen did when she came up with the idea to take a little bit of Vaseline and spike her brow arches into crown points, accenting each peak with a rhinestone sticker. The end result is regal and fun, and shows you just how much you can do with your eyebrows.

Looks like the barbed wire brow, the feather brow, the carved brow, and dragon brow also went viral this year, proving that a little bit of pomade and creativity can take you a long way.

Many followers who commented under Petersen's post loved her inventiveness, especially considering they exactly know what to expect when they scroll past her posts. If you check out her account you'll see that she uses makeup more like art, trying things out like glitter paint eyelashes and inverted eyeshadow, where she painted her under-eye rather than eyelid. But some people showed up in her mentions unprepared for her vision.

For every positive comment, there's also a negative one. "Get this shit off my screen," one commentor shared. "That just pissed me off," another supplied.

While you might not personally want to slick your eyebrows up into tiara points for a Friday night date, Petersen says that's not the point. Not all her looks are there to be judged on how well they will fit in the mainstream. But, luckily, the negative comments don't bother her.

"I love playing with brows," she tells Allure. "I just think its a little sad how some people now treat experimental eyebrows because of this whole brow trend thing going on. Some people are really getting pissed off by it."

Rather than putting a dagger between your teeth and going to the keyboard, just appreciate some of these lewks for what they are: fun experiments.

To give you an idea of past eyebrow trends (and to get your creativity going,) here are some examples that blew up in 2017.

Squiggle Brows

Squiggle brows are meant to turn your arches into wavy, cartoon-like eyebrows. For those that felt extra creative, they also paired the squiggle brows with squiggle lips and squiggle contour.

Braided Brows

Braided brows had people rubbing their eyes and asking, "How could they be real?!" Well, it turns out they're not. They were Photoshopped into braids, but the look still gives you a good idea how experimental you can get with your face.

Barbed Wire Brows

Barbed wire brows are metal AF, and perfect for those days you don't want to deal with anyone's bullshit.

Go lock yourself in the bathroom and experiment with your brows, no matter what the haters say. You won't regret it.