Can All Planets Moving Direct Affect Your Love Life? This Astrological Phenomenon Is The Perfect Time For Enhancing Your Relationship


You’ve probably heard of Mercury Retrograde, when things may feel more off-kilter than usual. It's also a time to avoid getting into a new relationship or rekindling with an ex. Now, however, we’re in another phase of astrology from January 8 to February 6, wherein all planets move direct versus at least one being in retrograde. You may wonder how all planets moving direct can affect your love life. Good question. But first, what even happens during this time period?

The phenomenon is officially known as All Planets in Direct Motion (APDM) and it’s just what it sounds like. According to astrologists, it’s the time when everything in your life seems to sync up. Great news, right?! In other words, it’s an ideal time to set intentions during APDM, and that includes ones for your love life.

Wave Rayne, Metaphysical Teacher, Author, Leader of Synchronized Global Meditations of Peace, and Star Codes Coach, was the first known astrologer to publish articles, teach online courses, and present slideshow lectures on both the occurrence and potential of APDM. “From the Earth’s perspective, it is considered a time when our Solar System is in a state of natural order,” Rayne tells Bustle. “Medieval astrologers considered most days of APDM to be highly auspicious. This belief continues today. As a result of the potential for greatness during this time, we began a daily synchronized meditation on Facebook, focused on imagining worldwide peace and abundance for all for the duration of APDM at 1 p.m. Mountain Time in the U.S.”

But what about our romantic lives? “Can APDM affect your love life? Yes!” Rayne says.

It's A Good Time To Enhance Your Relationship


Enhance your relationship during APDM’s optimistic, confident, ambitious energy for success. Devote yourselves to each other exclusively with a weekend getaway together and celebrate taking your relationship to another level of commitment. Set goals together and thankfully embrace this ideal — the whole universe is positively eager to fuel your relationship, family, and career dreams toward success.”

Great news, right? Woo-hoo! The more forces — like The Universe! — on our side, the better!

And If You're Single?

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Of course, this also relates to setting those dating intentions I mentioned earlier. Perhaps it’s finally time to create an online dating profile or to revamp the dating profile and bio you have. Or maybe you’re tired of dating around — so now’s a great time to focus on dating with more serious intentions and upping your online-messaging dating game. Or maybe the opposite is true — you want to take a break from serious relationships and date around more. Whatever dating intentions you have, APDM is an ideal time to set them into motion.

Consider Taking The Next Step

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“During APDM, you can also choose to get married or renew your vows to each other,” says Rayne. “You can even plan for a baby to be born during next year’s APDM, which starts January 2, 2018, and will last about 65 days. Just do the math! About 12 percent of all Presidents of the USA were born during APDM, too!”

So happy dating and/or renewing your existing romantic relationship. Also, ICYMI, Jupiter goes into retrograde February 6, so the dating intentions and resolutions you set during APDM can be set into motion then — i.e., those Tinder and Bumble dates you’re going on now can result in one becoming a significant other come February 6 and beyond. You never know — but astrologers do, apparently, so why not trust in the planets moving direct and affecting your love life? There’s nothing to lose.